Small Saphir Welt Dauber

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This wooden Saphir dauber is perfect for cleaning shoe welts, the small area where the upper meets the sole.

  • Crafted from beechwood
  • Pig hair bristle
  • Made in France
  • 4.25" L X. 5" W

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The welt of a well-made pair of shoes is very difficult to clean and all too-often neglected during shoe care. Clean, condition and protect the welt of your shoes by applying neutral wax polish to the welt with a welt brush. The solvents in the polish will clean the welt, while the waxes protect and nourish the welt thread itself.

This small Saphir welt dauber is used to apply polish to the welt stitching where the sole of the shoe meets the upper. These small brushes are useful for cleaning dust and dirt that inevitably accumulates here and for applying polish to the welt stitching. It is important to apply shoe polish to the welt stitching when polishing your shoe in order to prevent these threads from drying out.

Additional Information
Bristle Length 0.5"
Handle Dimensions 4.25" x 0.5"
Brush Bristle Material Pig Bristle
Brush Handle Material Beechwood