Simonnot Godard Blue Prince de Galles Pocket Square

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  • 100% Mercerized Cotton
  • Impeccably hand-rolled borders.
  • Geometric woven check pattern.
  • 44 cm x 44 cm cm
  • Simple, but luxurious.
  • Made in France.

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12 Years in Business

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Exclusive Traditional and Artisan Manufacturing Techniques:
Based on extensive archives and old books, Simonnot Godard weaves all of their pocket squares exclusively in their French atelier using traditional Jacquard techniques and artisan methods. Once an exclusive pattern is selected from their archives, Simonnot studies and dyes each colored yarn individually to match the original colors. When all double-ply cotton yarns are ready, they set up the warp and start weaving.

Once woven, the fabrics are sent to be mercerized in Les Vosges, which is located in the mountains of east France and known for their special water. Here, in a small factory, all Simonnot Godard fabrics are mercerized, washed, and undergo the blanchiement (a special technique of bleaching) and sanfor (or sanforization, which increases the dimensional stability of the fabric by compacting the threads) treatments. Once this operation is finished, all fabrics are returned to Simonnot Godard's atelier for a final inspection before being sent to be cut and hand rolled by skilled artisans.

From the yarn to the finished product, five months are required to finish a Simonnot Godard pocket square or handkerchief. Simonnot Godard is the last company remaining that produces pocket squares and handkerchiefs using such traditional, artisanal methods, making the products unmatched and very exclusive.

About Simonnot-Godard
Simonnot Godard is widely regarded as the king of woven cotton and linen pocket squares. Plenty of people are capable of screen printing beautiful wool and silk pocket squares, but very few have mastered the techniques and highly specialized skills of weaving and mercerizing required to produce masterpieces on the level of Simonnot Godard.

Indeed, Simonnot Godard has distinguished themselves in France and around the world since 1787, and now draw on their extensive archive to reinterpret beautiful woven and cotton pocket squares that have for decades graced the shelves of some of the most prestigious French luxury brands, and over 200 of the world’s finest men’s stores. Simonnot Godard's portfolio of clients is a who's who of the best men's stores around the globe.

However, the Company's only pure online stockist is Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project, for which we are tremendously honored. It is a testimony to founder Kirby Allison's commitment to and appreciation of true artisanship.

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