Saphir Wax Shoe Polish

Saphir Medaille D'Or Wax Shoe Polish is widely considered to be the best wax shoe polish in the world. Carefully crafted in small batches with seven different kinds of hard and soft waxes, Saphir Wax Polish easily produces a high-gloss shine. The all-natural pine turpentine - the quality of which you can literally smell - enables the wax polish to penetrate deep into the leather to deliver essential waxes and nutrients.

The primary difference between Saphir's Wax Polish and Saphir's Cream Polish is the higher concentration of hard waxes, which are what enable the wax polish to so easily produce a high-gloss shine.The additional waxes also help waterproof and protect leather against elements and can be easily rebuffed into a shine even after weeks of wear. Saphir's Medaille d'Or Wax Polish is simply the best wax polish available in the world and perfect for those who will only trust their shoe care to the best.