Saphir Nuancier Color Chart

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The Nuancier Saphir Color Chart shows all of the available shoe polish colors available from Saphir for easy matching. Please note that not all products are available in all colors. This Saphir Color Chart is a comprehensive list of all pigments used in Avel's entire range of shoe and home care products. 

To download a high-resolution version of the Saphir Nuancier Color Chart, click HERE.

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Choosing the proper color shoe polish can be difficult from the computer screen. And Saphir has a lot of colors designed to offer that perfect match for your special shoes. That is why they developed a hard-copy Color Chart showing all of the available colors with a convenient hole in the middle of each swatch through which you can study the quality of the match. The number of each color (#02, #15, etc) corresponds to the polish.

Alternatively, you can download high-resolution photographs of the Saphir Color Card here:
Super High-Resolution (9 mb)
High-Resolution (2.4 mb)