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Vintage 1980 St Dupont Limited 24k Gold Finish EGG Shell Lacquer Ligne 2 LD Lighter

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This beautiful Vintage 1980 St Dupont Limited 24k Gold Finish EGG Shell Lacquer Ligne 2 LD Lighter was crafted in the 1980s. It is a beautiful example of Rare Factory EGG Shell Series.

The lighter is a full set, which further enhances the uniqueness and desirability of this particular piece. This vintage piece is never used, as new, in A++ good condition. A stunning collector's item from the 1980s.

The lighter was handly lacquered by Urushi Master. 

These lighters were only made to order when the customer would prepay and then Dupont would manufacture a Line “D” or Soubreny model lighter in gold trim and black Chinese lacquer. Then the lighter travelled to Japan where the Master-craftsmen applied a special lacquer with 24-carat gold powder, eggshell or mother-of-pearl in a traditional Maki-E technique: layer after layer, polishing and re-applying until the lighter is complete.

Maki-E is a distinctive Japanese lacquerware technique that is said to have developed around 1200 years ago. It involves using a fine brush to paint a picture with lacquer on the surface of a vessel, and then sprinkling gold powder on the surface before it dries, creating a design. The word “maki” means to sprinkle and “e” means picture. There are various styles including Togidashi Maki-E, Hira Maki-E, and Taka Maki-E.

Besides creating designs with gold or silver powder atop a lacquer background Maki-E can also be used in conjunction with other techniques such as “raden” (decorative seashell work), gold and silver inlay, and “rankaku” (eggshell inlay).

This technique is also known outside of Japan as about four hundred years ago, large amounts were exported to mainly Europe.

Each lighter took about 3-4 months to finish – many hours of handwork. The best part is that these are unique because they are made by hand and there are always subtle differences in the details.

Vintage lighter from the 1980's

  • Comes in original box with paper
  • Ships from Italy
  • It is signed by S.T. Dupont and by the Japanese artist.
  • It is unique, it bears a serial number inscribed on the object by the artist himself.
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