S.T. Dupont Line 2 Gold Dust Lighter


A beautiful S.T. Dupont lighter is as much an aesthetic masterpiece as it is lighter. For the well-dressed connoisseur of fine cigars, a proper lighter from S.T. Dupont is the only way to light one's cigar. 

The S.T. Dupont Line 2 now features the iconic "perfect ping" sound loved by so many and a dual yellow flame. 

The 2023 Gold Dust model features a beautiful yellow fold finish with a gold dust set inside a dark brown lacquer. This is a beautiful lighter and the one I chose to take to Cuba on my first trip in 2023.  

Gas refill: S.T. Dupont Red Gas (REF: 000435)
Flint associated: black (REF: 000600)

  • DIMENSIONS 62mm X 37mm X 11 mm
  • WEIGHT 125g