Extra-Large 21" Luxury Wooden Shirt Hanger (Set of 5)


Hanger Finish



Our Extra-Large 21.0" Luxury Wooden Shirt Hangers are four to five inches wider than average shirt hangers and provide extra-large shirts with unprecedented support. Extra-large shirts need proper support even more than ordinary-sized shirts because of their weight. Customers that need our 21.0" shirt hanger appreciate it the most because they have the most difficult time finding properly-sized extra large hangers to fit their broad shoulders.

Properly hanging your extra-large shirts on our 21.0" hangers will ensure that you never again pull your favorite shirt out of the closet only to discover unsightly and embarrassing shoulder dimples (or "shoulder mountains") jetting up from your shoulders. Our hangers are designed to protect and extend the life of your shirts, essentially paying for themselves.