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CamFil CityM HEPA 250 CFM Air and Smoke Filter

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There is nothing more civilized than being able to enjoy one's cigar inside. However, to properly smoke indoors without offending those around you, proper and effective air filtration is essential. But as I have discovered during my quest to develop my smoke filtration systems in my office and house, it is surprisingly difficult to find an air filtration system that actually performs as promoted. 

Either they have sub-quality filters with short lifespans or they do not filter a high-enough volume of air at a reasonable sound level to make any difference. In short, all consumer-focused air filtration products are quite simply inferior. 

This is where my partnership with CamFil began. As one of the leading commercial air filtration specialists, CamFil develops their products to the absolute highest specifications and then lab-tests everything - every single filter - to ensure that they perform per spec. Their products are designed for the demands of commercial and industrial applications. 

The CamFil CityM is one of their newest products that functions exceptionally well as a smoke filter. The unit features one of CamFil's True HEPA filters with integrated RAD Carbon that filters out 99.95% of all particles in the smallest measurable range while the RAD Carbon eliminates odors and other VOC's. Originally developed for the healthcare industry, the CamFil CityM also functions as an exceptional smoke filtration system for small rooms. 

The filters feature a 18-24 month lifetime running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is to say that the filter lifetime is more than 5x longer than that of commonly-available air purifiers. The unit features five speed settings, filtering 250 CFM at 53 decibels (setting 5) on high and 175 CFM at 38 decibels (setting 4). 

The design of the unit pulls air in from the sides and exhausts at the floor, which is ideal, as it creates a vertical air column, pulling air down from the ceiling to the air filter. For the filtration of smoke, this is the next best configuration to positioning the smoke filter at the ceiling. (We are currently working on designing an exclusive, purpose-built smoke filter with CamFil that can be ceiling mounted or ducted!)

Independent of its use as a smoke filter, the CamFil CityM is simply a great air filter. I keep one of these in each of our three children's bedrooms as well as our master, leaving them on 24-7. 

I can personally endorse this air filter as one of the best available anywhere. We were able to negotiate a special price with CamFil exclusively for our customers, so purchase with confidence that although an investment, you are receiving a phenomenal deal and that this is the best money can buy. 

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