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We at Kirby Allison's Hanger Project are proud to present our newest service in our catalog, the KAHP Shoe Care and Shine Service. Partnering with World Championship in Shoe Shining Finalist Caleb Malinowski, there are multiple levels and services available to make your shoes look better than new! Using only the highest-grade products from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project your shoes will not only be well shined but also well-conditioned.

  • A world-class shine from one of the best shoe shiners in the US.
  • An incredibly comprehensive service that matches the level of quality of Kirby Allison's Hanger Project products and services.
  • Very Fast Turn Around Time!
  • Same day turn around available

Following the mold set by Kirby in our Presidential Shoe Shine video guide. Your shoes will go through a full transformation. Starting off with a deep Renomat cleaning to strip off any existing products. Then a very deep Dubbin Graisse conditioning that soaks into the leather to rehydrate. Then a full edge and heel refinishing and shine. Your shoes will then undergo the same amazing shine process as in the High Shine service.

Steps for purchasing one of our shine, cleaning, or patina services.

1. Purchase the service through the website. This how we describe the differences in the services. The High Shine Service is for shoes in relatively good condition already. The High Shine service does not include a cleaning beyond a thorough brushing and a wipe down with a damp cloth. If your shoes are in need of deep cleaning or have more wear, scuffing, or other issues, this would be the Presidential Shine Service. The Presidential Shine service starts with a very deep cleaning of the leather to remove any dust, dirt, old shoe care products, etc. The full description of the service is below. If you have suede or nubuck shoes, please select the Presidential Suede Cleaning. If you have shoes you would like to transform the color or finish of, you would select the Presidential Patina Service. Please contact us with pictures of your shoes and we can work with you to make a recommendation as to what color would fit your shoes best.

Other Options

Shine Level. After talking with many different clients, we understand that not everyone likes a very high mirror shine. With this option, you can select how shiny your shoes will be. If you are unsure how shiny you would like your shoes, select the option, "WHATEVER WOULD BEST FOR THE SHOES." 

Pre-Paid FedEx Label ­– If you would like us to send you a pre-made FedEx label for you to send your shoes to us, please select that option. If not, we will email you our mailing address. Please feel free to use the shipping provider you prefer. The shipping charge at checkout is for when we send the shoes back to you.

Replace Shoelaces – If you would like your shoelaces replaced with Kirby Allison Wellington shoelaces, please select this option. If not selected your shoelaces will not be replaced.

Extended Service – Extended Service is for when a particular pair of shoes has an issue that will take significantly more time to address than what is included in the service. This would include, excessive scuffing, water stains, grease stains, excessive discoloration, etc. If you believe your shoes fall in this category, please email us pictures so we can give an estimate.

2. Within 24-48 hours you will receive either shipping instructions or shipping label depending on which you selected

3. Box up your shoes and send them to us. We recommend wrapping your shoes in a bubble wrap of heavy paper to keep them protected in transit. If you have shoe bags, we do recommend sending them in the shoe bags. 

4. Once received we will get to work on your shoes, typically your shoes will spend 10 days with us and then will be sent back. If for some reason there is a delay, we will notify you.

5. When your shoes are complete, we will send you before and after pictures as well as the return tracking number.

6. Once you receive your shoes, let us know what you think. We love feedback so we can be constantly improving. You can also leave a review on the site on what you think of our shoe care services.

7. If you there are questions that you would still like answered, please email Attention: Caleb.

We look forward to shining your shoes!



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