Wellington 10in Mortimer Shoehorn

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A gentleman can never have enough shoe horns. Essential to the longer-term maintenance - and required to put on properly-fitting dress shoes - our Wellington shoe horns help prevent the back of the shoe from collapsing when slipping in one's foot.

Our Mortimer shoehorn, named after Kirby's grandfather, is handsomely crafted from ox horn, generous in dimensions, and perfect in balance. This is the ultimate shoe horn and will be the last that you ever acquire.

Please note that due to the natural variation in color of the ox horn, no two shoe horns are the same. 

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The MORTIMER Shoe Hornis handcrafted from Ox horn in the United Kingdom by skilled artisans using a method of manufacture that has remained largely unchanged for more than 250 years. At almost 10 inches long, the MORTIMER Shoehorn is generous in dimension and perfect in balance. The result of several evolutions directly overseen by Kirby Allison, this shoe horn was made specifically for those with fine taste in shoes. This is unquestionably the ultimate shoehorn for the discerning gentleman - and a gentleman knows that he can never have too many. A proper shoe horn is essential to protecting the back of shoes while putting them on. Not only does a shoe horn facilitate slipping on the shoe, but it keeps the heel of your foot from collapsing the back. On most shoes, this is the first area to damage (and the most preventable). If you travel frequently, consider our Travel Shoehorn, which is pocket-sized and perfect for slipping your shoes back on after clearing airport security. Because of how essential the availability of shoe horns are, we recommend having one at close reach everywhere - your briefcase, luggage, closet, and office.
Additional Information
Shoehorn Length 10 in
Material Horn