Maglia Francesco Black Travel Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

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This Maglia Francesco Black Travel Umbrella features a bamboo handle and is small enough to easily fit in one's briefcase.

  • 100% solid black nylon canopy with matching sleeve.
  • Scorched Bamboo handle.
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy.
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    Maglia Francesco is one of the last great umbrella companies that crafts their masterpieces completely by hand. This third-generation company has been providing handcrafted, exquisite umbrellas to gentlemen since the 19th Century from Milan, Italy. Each umbrella takes no less than 70 steps to manufacture, each being completed by hand.

    This travel-sized, folding umbrella features a black a Bamboo handle. Comes with a matching sleeve. The pattern is striking and sophisticated -- exactly what you would expect from an umbrella maker that makes for the likes of Hermes and Channel. It is perfectly appropriate for both gentlemen and ladies.

    A proper handmade umbrella from Maglia Francesco is an heirloom that can easily last longer than a generation. If the canopy wears, simply send it back to Maglia Francesco to be re-fitted or repair. While my wife and I were visiting their workshop in Milan, they were actually completely rebuilding Francesco's sister's umbrella. One that she had had for over 30 years!

    Watch this beautiful interview with Francesco here

    Additional Information
    Umbrella Canopy Pattern Solid
    Umbrella Canopy Size Travel
    Length 37 in / 94 cm
    Umbrella Handle Material Bamboo
    Umbrella Canopy Material Nylon
    Umbrella Construction Folding