Luxury Wooden Travel Hanger

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The Men's Premium Wooden Travel Hanger is designed to fit more garments in small closets and for regular travel. Our Wooden Travel is constructed with a Hanger Felted Trouser Bar and a Square Hook for comfortable handling and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Perfect for travel and closets with space constraints.
  • Fully-contoured profile mimics shoulders natural shape.
  • Constant 0.75" efficient with closet space.
  • Patented travel hook easy to carry.
  • Robust hardware will not fail.
  • Felted trouser bar will not crease trousers

Sizing Guide

  • Small: up to US 40; Medium: US 41-44
  • Large: US 45-48; Extra-Large: US 48+

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Sizing Guide

The below is an approximate sizing guidance. We size our wooden hangers by the standard off-the-rack chest measurement of a suit. If you have any questions, feel free to call Customer Service at (800) 495-3201 or click the chat button. 

-15.5" Small Wooden Suit Hangers: Chest sizes 40 and below
-17.0" Medium Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 41 to 44
-18.5" Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 45 to 48
-20.0" Extra-Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 48+

With our Luxury Suit and Jacket Hangers, it is generally recommended to be slightly on the narrow side than too wide. Hangers that extend past the shoulder into the sleeve can damage the drape of the sleeve.