Luxury Oxhorn Cashmere Garment Brush

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A natural bristle garment brush is an essential garment care accessory. Used to remove accumulated dust and dirt that embed in fabric fibers, our Luxury Oxhorn Cashmere Garment Brush is gentler than a synthetic brush and will not impart an adhesive residue on fabrics, as with roller brushes. Constructed with a high-density, soft bristle, a wooden body, and a polished oxhorn backing, this beautiful brush will provide a lifetime of use.

  • 100% natural boar bristle.
  • Polished oxhorn backing.
  • High-density bristle.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.

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Our Luxury Oxhorn Garment Brush is crafted with 100% natural boar bristle and features an exquisitely polished oxhorn backing. No question, this luxury garment brush is not only a staple accessory but will be the showpiece of your garment care collection. The polished oxhorn back highlights a beautiful marbling of creams, browns and blacks. Every brush is totally unique due to the natural variation of these tones.

This particular brush features a high-density, soft bristle that is perfect for finer fabrics, such as cashmere and super fine wool suiting. The bristle area is generous in dimension, which makes this brush easy and efficient to use. And, with the polished oxhorn back, this brush will look as beautiful in your closet as it will be essential to the proper maintenance of a wardrobe.

Natural bristle garment brushes are imperative to the proper maintenance of a wardrobe because they "brush into" the fibers of fabric to remove accumulated dust and dirt in the same way a vacuum cleaner cleans carpet (although much more gently). Not only do garment brushes keep your fabrics clean, but they are necessary to keep them looking fresh by "fluffing" the pile of the fabric.

Brush Dimensions: 7.0" x 1.87"

Bristle Dimensions: 7.0" x 1.0"

The Hanger Project strongly recommends using a natural-bristle garment brush as opposed to an adhesive-styled lint roller, which can leave an adhesive residue behind on fabrics that actually attracts lint and dust. The natural bristle has more "give" than synthetic brushes, which is more gentle on the fabric and effective at removing embedded lint and dust from garment fibers.

Directions. Brushing should always be done in a strong sweeping motion with a firm flick of your wrist in areas where dust has accumulated. First brush against the nap of the fiber (against the lie of the material) to remove any trapped dust. Then brush along the nap to smooth the fabric. If brushing out a specific mark or stain, use short, quick strokes. Always lightly brush out a garment after and before use.

This brush is hand crafted by AbbeyHorn in the United Kingdom by English artisans with centuries-old methods. These brushes are absolutely required for the care and maintenance of any fine wardrobe.

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