Colored Flat Waxed Shoelaces

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Flat, waxed-cotton shoe laces are available in thirteen colors. The perfect way to spice up a pair of dress shoes.

  • 80cm
  • Sold as a set of two shoe laces (one pair).
  • Available in multiple colors

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A pair of colored shoelaces can completely change the look of a pair of shoe. Italians have been doing it for years, but colored shoelaces are just now arriving to the United States. When so many more men dress in a smart pair of jeans both for work and on the weekends, a pair of brightly colored socks or colored shoelaces can be a sophisticated way to accessorize and add individuality to one's look.

With black laces, the pair of Alfred Sargent shoes pictured is the perfect business shoe. However, when switched out with a pair of purple laces (takes about 5 minutes to re-lace), the look of the shoe is completely changed and ready to wear on a Friday night.

So, be bold and begin to accessorize your shoes with some colored shoelaces!

These flat, waxed-cotton shoelaces are manufactured in Spain and measure 80 cm, which is perfect for most dress shoes. Available in thirteen colors.

Provided to The Hanger Project by The Shoe Snob.

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Length: 29.5 inches (perfect for 5 eyelets)

Width: 1/8 inches (4 mm)

Material: waxed cotton