Luxury Wooden Clamping Trouser Hanger

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Our Clamping Trouser Hanger vertically hangs trousers upside-down at the cuff, thereby creating a "soft press" as the weight of the trouser pulls out wrinkles. The only Clamping Trouser Hanger with an all-wire mechanism, this is the best Clamping Trouser Hanger in the world.

  • Vertically clamps trousers at cuff.
  • Robust, all-wire 3 mm clamping mechanism will not lose rebound.
  • Felt lining for added trouser grip.
  • Clamping mechanism will not damage or mark even the finest fabrics.
  • Extra-large center cuff allowance.
  • Top of hook to bottom of clamp: 7.5" 
  • Available in three finishes: Traditional, Natural, and Alfred.

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The KAHP Clamping Trouser Hanger represents the new standard for clamping trouser hangers everywhere. This hanger has been completely redesigned to increase its overall robustness, durability, and performance. By clamping trousers at their cuffs between two wooden planks and hanging them vertically upside-down, their weight actually pulls out wrinkles as they hang, leaving them virtually wrinkle-free the next time you wear them! Completely New Clamping Mechanism.

Size: 10.25" x 1.25"

We developed a new clamping mechanism that is substantially more robust than the previous plastic version. Combined with a 3 mm gauge steel wire, this clothes hanger will stand up to the test of time and never lose its clamping strength. Increased Center Seam Allowance. The increased center seam allowance will allow this Clamp Trouser Hanger to better accommodate trousers with thick center seams at the cuff. The unit pressure exerted on the fabric is minimal, given the surface area of the two wooden planks, making this an exceptional hanger for delicate, expensive fabrics that are prone to creasing.

Note: because the Clamping Trouser Hanger hangs trousers vertically by their cuffs, they require more vertical closet space than our Felted Trouser Bar Hangers.