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First Reviews of Runway Collection

Now that our Runway Collection of luxury women’s hangers have made it to
a few early-adopting clients, I’m excited to begin reporting some of the
feedback we have received. One of our best customers of our men’s hangers
wrote the following:

To say that they are beautiful “hangers” is to understate the significance
of your accomplishment. They are in fact a work of art –functionally and
esthetically! My wife will be stunned when she opens the box on Christmas
Day! Thank you.

Other customers have reported that they love the visual cohesiveness of the
entire collection. I emphasize collection because the seven
different hangers that compromise the Runway Collection were designed all
together as one, cohesive set of hangers. When one outfits their entire closet,
a level of visual beauty is achieved unlike never before. As soon as I have my
first closet picture, I’ll be sure to share it!

Learn more about the Runway Collection of luxury women’s hangers here.