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The Rake Magazine

The Rake Magazine

On the internet, there are an incredible number of places that one interested in the lifestyle of dressing well can read.
Simon Crompton’s Permanent Style or The Style Forum are two with enough information to keep one occupied for a year. However, the rise of online media, in many ways, has exposed the a quality divide between true, high-quality reporting and writing supported by print and that demanded by the fast-pace of electronic publishing.

When I discovered The Rake, it was like discovering a magazine that revealed everything I disliked about current print magazines and online blogs by providing contrast. The Rake is an incredible magazine written by the well-dressed for the well-dressed. But not the Robb Report or GQ variety, more like the gentleman race car driver, vintage wine-drinking type that lives somewhere out of the limelight.

Published out of Singapore, the subscription to The Rake is not cheap at $125 per annum. However, given that each of the 5 annual issues are FedEx’ed right to your doorstep, they probably spend that much or more just on shipping. Everything about The Rake is as well-tailored as the bespoke masterpieces that grace their cover stories. From the writing, selection of stories, photography, to the look and feel of the actual publication. This is not just a mere magazine, but an bookshelf-quality piece worthy of archive (for Christmas last year I purchased every back issue I did not already own).

The Hanger Project does not make even a dime off of each issue we sell. However, my enjoyment of this publication compels me to promote it to my customers for no reason other that I hope you all are able to find the same level of enjoyment in reading each issue as I.

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Tips by Kirby

Graduation Gifts for the Well-Educated

My father always said that the best education always occurs outside of the classroom. When I was in college, that never really made much sense to me. However, as I have accumulated life and worldly experiences, this now makes sense. Now, some of my most looked-forward to embellishments are the product the people I have met and the places I have traveled.

I have a thick beard. And since as early as I begun shaving, I always loathed the chore. I tried to upgrade things with a Badger Hair Brush and Art of Shaving shave cream. This worked for a little while, but ultimately fell back into the attitude of indifference. It was not until a friend urged me to try a safety razor and gave me a can of Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba that I fell in love with shaving.

This otherwise dreadful daily responsibility has transformed into a morning ritual that prepares me for the day. Not only has it become something that I look forward to, but a routine that if I am without throws my entire day off.

It is incredible what a little technique — using a safety razor is by no means easy — and incredible product can do. The embellishment of shaving is only fully revealed in the concert of a badger hair brush, proper shave cream, and a safety razor. The requirement of technique and knowledge only further heightens the experience. Whereas any 3 year old could shave with a Mach Fusion without cutting themselves, only a true aesthete can execute a proper shave with a safety razor. It requires practice, patience, and experience.

However with the proper experience, a truly incredible shave is produced. One that when I step out into the world I know that nobody whom I meet is capable of producing. This, to me, is the essence of style and culture. Things learned through life experience that lie invisible to uncultured eye.

Because of my love for incredible shaving products, I have curated a selection of what I consider to be the absolutely best available in the world (if you have anything else that you recommend – please send me some to try!). First, our Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba is without question my absolutely favorite shave cream in the world. More a shave soap than shave cream, it has a light, frothy texture and the eucalyptus / which hazel lingers on your skin after you’re done. I love it.

However, if you like more of a creamy texture to your shave cream, then the Castle Forbes Shave Cream is equally impressive. I was given some as a gift from my tailor and it produces what is the creamiest lather I have ever used. I keep both the Crema da Barba and Castle Forbes by my sink and use each depending on my mood for the day. A true embellishment