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Reading Your Comments ? – Top 5 Shoes, Unboxing & More…

Reading Your Comments ? – Top 5 Shoes, Unboxing & More… Q&A 48 In this video, Kirby Allison replies to several of the questions and comments asked by our YouTube Audience on our videos from this month. He covers a range of topics, including shoes, shaving, suits and more. We love hearing back from our customers and audience and endeavor to respond to any and all questions. If your question or comment was featured in this video, please reach out to our customer service team to receive your shoelaces.

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How to Shave Like Kirby Allison I Wet Shaving tutorial

In this video, Kirby goes step by step on how to wet shave like a pro. All of the products you will need, the steps to create a perfect lather, and tips on how to use a safety razor on sensitive parts of the face. We love hearing back from our customers and audience and endeavor to respond to any and all questions.

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Sharpening Pencils ASMR ✏ El Casco M-430 Sharpener

GET YOURS HERE:… Possibly the greatest pencil sharpener ever created, the El Casco M-430 Pencil Sharpener will forever change the way you look at a sharpened pencil. Crafted in Spain by a 100-year-old former gun manufacturer, the El Casco pencil sharpener is a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering. What makes this pencil sharpener exceptional is the unique, concave point it creates. The shape of the pencil point extends the sharpness of your pencil and eliminates any initial breaking that occurs with sharp, linear points. If you regularly write with pencils or if you enjoy mechanical desk swag, this will be a purchase, like me, you won’t ever regret. We are offering this as a special group buys with delivery mid-September. Manufactured in steel and zamak. Black lacquered body. Hand-polished copper, nickel and chrome-plated components. Wooden crank handle. Sharpness regulator with four adjustable point lengths. Suction pad base. Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150 mm. Presented in a gift box. Made in Spain.



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London Savile Row Walking Tour | Huntsman v Henry Poole v Anderson & Sheppard House Style Comparison

What Makes A Savile Row Tailor Unique? Join Kirby Allison as we explore the house styles of Savile Row’s most-important and famous bespoke tailoring houses, as well as the only shoemaker located on the Row. These firms are synonymous with elegance and class and have been serving the sartorial needs royalty, heads of states, industrialists, and the well-dressed for the better part of a century. Now you can join Kirby as we are invited inside to meet with the titans of bespoke tailoring, from Huntsman, Chittleborough & Morgan, Gaziano & Girling, Henry Poole, and Anderson & Sheppard.




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How to Use a Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn

In this video, we’re going to show you how to use a shoehorn, and talk you through some of the important points to keep in mind to ensure you’re using it properly. Shoe horns come in many different sizes and so whether you’re using something small like our travel shoehorn or our full-length 24-inch shoehorn it’s a function of whether or not you have space or in the case of our full length shoehorn whether or not you want to be able to use it while standing up.

Step 1: Travel Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn - Step 1
The first shoe horn we’re going to show you how to use is our tab shoehorn. This is one of my favorite shoe horns. Although it is a quite large, certainly larger than the travel shoehorn, this is actually what I carry with me in my briefcase and my luggage. To use a shoehorn simply rest the shoehorn in the back of the shoes like this. Then carefully slide your foot into the shoe so that as your heel is sliding into the shoe the shoe horn is coming out. Like all other shoe horns, this one will effectively prevent damage to the back of your dress shoes. This is even more important for people who own bespoke shoes such as myself since they fit so tightly. Always loosen your laces. You want your laces as loose as possible, and a pair of bespoke shoes that are really tight you’re going to want to loosen your laces even more just to allow this shoe to open as much as possible as you slide your foot in.

Step 2: 24-inch Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn
Next, we’re going to use our full-length shoehorn. This shoehorn measures 24 inches long. It’s a beautiful long shoehorn that allows you to place your shoes on without having to bend over or sit down. This works especially well for people that might not be as mobile, and don’t have a chair in their closet, or don’t want to bend down in order to put their shoes on. Again this shoehorn does not require you to reach down as far so you don’t have to bend over. Simply insert the shoehorn into the back of your shoe. Then slide your foot in. As your heel is sliding into the shoe pull up slightly on the shoehorn so that by the time your heel is fully seated into the shoe you’ve pulled the shoehorn completely out. The reason that that’s important is as you’re sliding your foot into the shoe you don’t want the shoehorn to further wedge your foot into the shoe making it difficult to put on. As you can see shoe horns are quite simple to use but are essential for maintaining shoes that are a snug fit.
Of course, all of these beautiful horn shoe horns are available on The Hanger Project. What I love about horn is just the natural marbling of the different colors of horn. This is a natural material. Absolutely beautiful, but we do have other shoe horns here on the hanger project and are proud to offer one of the widest and most comprehensive selections of shoe horns available anywhere in the world.
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10 Instagram Accounts for Shoe Aficionados

Instagram is a great platform for users to keep up with their hobbies. If you’re a shoe enthusiast, it’s great way to immerse yourself in the world of bespoke shoemaking. With that in mind, Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and bespoke shoe aficionado, took it upon himself to compile a list of his favorite 10 accounts for shoe aficionados. These accounts are not listed in any particular order, meaning the first one is not necessarily Kirby’s absolute favorite. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @HangerProject to stay updated on our latest arrivals, new videos, and more. Here are Kirby Allison’s favorite 10 instagram accounts for shoe aficionados:

George Cleverley @georgecleverley

George Cleverley

George Cleverley is a bespoke British shoemaker, and Kirby’s shoemaker of choice. Their Instagram account allows followers to have a behind the scenes look at the shoes that go through their workshop.

Jim McCormack @jims_shoeworkshop

Jims Shoeworkshop

Jim McCormack is widely regarded as one of West End’s best shoemakers. He is an independent shoemaker with contracts from several other shoemaking firms, and his profile highlights the process for the many shoes that he makes.

Ryo Hosokawa @bespokemakers


Bespokemakers spotlights a lot of Japanese shoemakers and their work. The photography on the page is beautiful, and details different types of shoes and styles from around the world.

Saint Crispin’s Americas @saintcrispinsamericas


This is Saint Crispin’s account for North and South America. Their Americas profile is different from the global Saint Crispin’s one, and features some of the best shoe photography on the internet. The shoes featured follow a wide variety of styles, and are an excellent source of ideas for future shoes.

Emiko Matsuda @emiko.matsuda

Emiko Matsuda

Emiko is the senior last maker for Foster & Son, the bespoke shoemaker from Jermyn Street in London. She does a great job in her profile of bringing the user into her workshop and detailing the work she is doing.

Ascot Shoes @ascotshoes

Ascot Shoes

This is one of the most active accounts on the list, posting almost every single day. Following Ascot Shoes is a great way to stay updated on the London shoemaking scene.

Yohei Fukuda @yoheifukudashoemaker

Yohei Fukuda

Yohei Fukuda is considered by many to be the best Japanese bespoke shoemaker. Japanese shoemaking is highly precise, perfectly executed, and almost sculpture-like. The photography on the page is stunning, and offers a great juxtaposition to traditional British shoemakers.

Daniel Wegan @dwegan1982

Daniel Wegan

Daniel is the senior last maker for Gaziano & Girling, and is known for being widely talented and an excellent shoemaker . This profile is another great example of how Instagram allows users to periscope into small workshops all around the world.

Lee Morrison @bespokeaddict

Lee Morrison

Lee is a prolific collector of vintage bespoke shoes. His collection is easily one of the largest bespoke shoe collections anyone has ever acquired in the world. His profile shows him painstakingly re-crafting and restoring the shoes in his collection.

Moti Pesso @mpesso1971


This account does a wonderful job aggregating photos from different shoemakers’ profiles onto one account. This profile profile features both bespoke, and ready-to-wear shoemakers’ work, which gives followers plenty of variety.

Watch our full Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Shoe Aficionados video:


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Black-Tie Dress Code – The 9 Fundamentals

The black-tie dress code is the one bastion of classic menswear where the rules are so perfect there is no need to break them. There is a reason the rules have remained virtually unchanged over the last century and that’s because they just simply cannot be improved. A man looks his best when the black tie look is perfectly executed. More importantly, whenever you are following a black tie dress code, it shows to those that matter that you know what you’re doing.

In the same way that you wouldn’t show up to a basketball game wearing a football jersey, you don’t show up to a black tie event dressed inappropriately. A splash of color does not make you look debonair; it makes you look uninformed. Every rule that you follow makes you look better and every rule that you break makes you look worse. That’s why it is important to know the fundamental rules of a black tie dress code. Follow the rules perfectly, and you will never have to worry about showing up to a black tie event unprepared. The purpose of this primer is to explain the basic fundamentals of a black tie dress code so that you are able to follow, enjoy them and most importantly be a gentleman dressed at his best.

Rule #1: Dinner Jacket Should Have Peak Lapels Or Shawl Collar

Black Tie Dress Code - Dinner Jacket

A proper tuxedo jacket is either one with peak lapels or a shawl collar. It is important to have alternate facing satin or grosgrain lapels, meaning that the material that’s used for the facing of the label is different than the material that’s used for the actual jacket. Additionally, it is preferable for the jacket to have a single button and no pocket flaps. The jacket should also be made with no dents and the trousers should have a single vertical satin stripe with no cuffs. This ensemble has the cleanest most elegant look.

Rule #2: Wear A Self-Tie Bow Tie In The Same Material As Tuxedo Lapels

Black Tie Dress Code - Bow Tie

It is always best to have a self-tying bow tie made from the same material as your tuxedo lapels. If you are wearing a winged the collar, an adjustable bow tie exposes the slider at the back of the neck, therefore a specifically sized bow tie is always best. Nonetheless, if you have an adjustable sized bow tie, make sure that you are always wearing it with a fold down collar dress shirt.

Rule #3: Always Cover Your Waist With A Cummerbund Or Waist Coat

Black Tie Dress Code - Cummerbund

Covering your waist is one of those elements that separates black tie from daytime business wear. It further elongates the silhouette and elevates the ensemble. These subtle small elements taken together are what make black tie so special. If you are wearing a cummerbund, be careful to make sure that the pleats are facing upwards. The tradition is that you would use those pleats to hold your tickets for that evening’s entertainment. To shop for luxury formalwear accessories on our website, click here.

Rule #4: Wear A Thin, Formal Watch With A Leather Strap Or No Watch At All

Black Tie Dress Code - Formal Watch

While it’s not common, it is acceptable to wear a wristwatch to a black-tie event. As long as it is not a large sports watch, it can be an elegant dinner timepiece when paired with a leather strap. Ideally, you want to always try to match the hardware. Try to wear a gold wristwatch if you are wearing gold studs.

Rule #5: Wear A Neatly Folded White Pocket Square

Black Tie Dress Code - Pocket Square

If possible, it is best to wear a neatly folded, thin white pocket square in your jacket pocket. Just the simple addition of a white pocket square completes and elevates the entire look.

Rule #6: Wear Highly-Polished Black Shoes, Ideally Patent Leather

Black Tie Dress Code - Formal Shoes

Black shoes are a must-have. Make sure they are either polished to a high-shine or made of patent leather.  Plain cap-toe oxfords, whole cuts or opera pumps are ideal. It is unacceptable to wear shoes with broguing or any type of slippers. These are not the proper shoes to wear at a black-tie event. For more information on black tie dress code shoes, consider watching our video: Shoes You Should Wear For a Black Tie Event.

Rule #7: Wear Plain Black Over-The-Calf Silk Socks

Black Tie Dress Code - Socks

It is vital to wear silk socks to avoid the fuzzy or faded look. They elevate the formality and give a nice subtle sheen. Consider visiting our store for luxurious Italian black socks,

Rule #8: Wear A White Tuxedo Shirt With Studs And French Cuffs

Black Tie Dress Code - White Dress Shirt

With your tuxedo, it is essential to wear a plain white shirt with either a fold over collar or winged collar. If you have studs, it is a beautiful way to elevate the ensemble with a little bit of embellishment. If you do not have formal studs, then you want to be wearing a white shirt with a second covered placket. A covered placket is just an extra piece of fabric that flaps over the front of the shirt to conceal and cover the buttons. Remember if you do not have studs to show, you should have buttons that do not.  

Rule #9: You Can Wear Scarves, Formal Overcoats, And Gloves, But Not Inside

Black Tie Dress Code - Scarf, Formal Overcoat, and Gloves

There is nothing wrong with wearing a scarf and gloves as long as they come off once you go inside. Preferably, you would pair either a white or a black silk scarf to avoid a fuzzy, faded look.

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How To Use A Fountain Pen

Small, subtle details such as handwritten notes really express the fine character of an individual. Taking the time to use a beautiful, traditional fountain pen shows a strong sense of refinement that really sets you apart in this day in age. With this, you are given the freedom to customize your ink to show that extra hint of effort when creating a truly special note. The results are far more extraordinary than a regular rollerball pen making this an investment piece you can use forever.

Step 1:


Take the pen apart and flush out all the previous ink. This is vital to making sure you are getting the correct ink color you are going for and to avoid any unwanted mixing of colors.

Step 2:


Reload the converter with ink. What is nice about a cartridge converter is that you are able to have more control over the ink, as well as, the ability to reload it multiple times without the hassle of constantly buying new cartridges every time you want a change. You do this step similarly to how you would fill up a medicine syringe by sticking the converter into the ink well and pulling the ink in by reversing the piston.

Step 3:

fountain pen

Reinsert the converter back into the pen after wiping off any excess ink on the converter. This is essential to avoiding any messy damages that can occur. If you get the ink on anything, it will not come off, so making sure that you are taking the extra precautions will make using a fountain pen seamless.

Step 4:

fountain pen

Prime the pen by twisting the piston and thereby pushing the ink into the converter.  If it is a new pen, this process may take longer than for a pen that has already been used multiple times. Make sure you are doing this step either over a napkin or the ink barrel because ink will flush out. Once the ink begins to drop out of the pen, that means that it is fully flushed. Run the pen along a napkin to get all the excess ink off before beginning to write.

Step 5:

fountain pen

Screw the top of the pen back on and you are ready to begin.

Pens & Stationery

We recommend Goulet Pens because of their comprehensive collection of beautiful fountain pens and inks. For beautiful stationery, we suggest Crane where you can find unique stationery for your special handwritten notes.

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Christmas Prep Edition

With Christmas events coming up, today’s Shoe Shine Sunday is a refresh for some Saint Crispin’s 105s in crust calf. Join me by posting before and after photos here of your own polish job today!

Remember to also cross-post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday)!

Without further ado, let’s get to it…

Today’s kit includes…
Saphir Leather Lotion
Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Shoe Polish in Medium Brown, Neutral
High Shine Glass Water Dispenser
Saphir Cotton Chamois
Cotton Pads
Ovangkol Sciuscià Polishing Brush
Edoya Finishing Brush



This pair hasn’t been worn all that much but, as is common for mirror-finished toe caps, the mirror finish dulled and has also picked up some nicks and scratches. So, today it’s time for a bit of a refresh using the same mirror shine techniques that I have previously described…


Remember to post photographs here today of you shining/polishing your shoes (before and after, please) and also to cross-post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (using the hashtag #shoeshinesunday).

I’ll be checking back in on this thread throughout the day, so feel free to include any questions you might have along with your posts — who knows, the answer(s) may even be the subject of a future Shoe Shine Sunday!

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Just Received My Issue of The Rake

I just received the latest issue of The Rake Magazine. Every issue exceeds my expectations and reaffirms why this is absolutely my favorite magazine in the world. Not without its shortfalls, it is still as close to “perfect” as I have come across. A synthesis of almost everything I enjoy. The only thing missing are articles on cigars and scotch. I am happy it only comes out ever two months. Any more frequently and I wouldn’t have enough time to work my way through the entire issue.

If you do not already have a subscription to The Rake and you are reading this blog, then, please, take my recommendation and purchase your subscription to The Rake Magazine today!