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How to Tie a Berluti Knot

In this simple tutorial, we will teach you how to tie a Berluti knot. Dress shoe laces are often overlooked. They do, however, allow you to stand out in a crowd when you otherwise would not. Other people may not know you tied your shoes differently in the morning, but you will know, and that’s enough. Tying your shoe laces in a different, or unique manner, not only make you look more sophisticated, but it can also give you a firmer knot. The Berluti knot does both of these. The knot is one of the more complex double knots, at least more so than the Parisian knot, but the symmetry and unique appearance make it worth learning. Follow these simple steps and you will be tying the knot in no time.

1. Twist your laces once

berluti knot step 1


2. Form two bunny ears

berluti knot step 2


3. Cross the 2 bunny ears

berluti knot step 3


4. Take the bunny ear that started on the right and the lace end next to it

berluti knot step 4


5. Push both of those through the hole in the center

berluti knot step 5


6. Repeat the step above with the bunny ear that started on the left and the lace end next to it

berluti knot step 6


7. Pull the bunny ears to tighten – Your Berluti knot is now done!

berluti knot step 7

Shoe Care Shoe Laces

Make Your Dress Shoelaces a Fashion Statement

Shoelaces can really make or break the style of a dress shoe.  A pair of old, worn out laces doesn’t uphold the formal dress look that many shoes have. There’s two broad categories of laces. There are formal laces that come in black and brown. Then there’s the colored laces that are more fun for use on an casual pair of shoes, like on the weekend, or when you want to add some color in a less serious situation.

Formal Laces

Here at The Hanger Project we have three basic formal dress laces. We have our waxed round laces that come in three lengths, a 60, 75, and 120 centimeter lengths, then we have our flat waxed dress laces which are slightly more formal than the round laces, and we have those in two widths, a 2.5 mm width, which is probably the most formal. And lastly, we have a 3 mm width, which is definitely a little bit different in terms of how they look. All of our laces are woven in England in North Hampton, which supplies the majority of laces to shoe suppliers. They’re all woven from 100% cotton and then waxed to give a nice shiny appearance.

Colored Laces

You can also find from The Hanger Project that we have a full assortment of colored laces. These are great if you’re trying to be a little bit more fun. You can take a pair of black dress shoes and lace them with a pair of red or blue shoelaces and really completely dress down and transform the look of that shoe.

Replacing Laces

Now it’s always better to replace a pair of dress laces before you actually need to, because you don’t want to be traveling or in a rush to get to work in the morning and actually have a pair of well worn laces snap and break, because inevitably you’ll never have a pair of laces around when you need them. Periodically whenever you’re shining a pair of shoes or whenever you’re putting them on, just double check the laces to make sure that you don’t see any fraying around the eyelets.

Tying Dress Shoelaces

Shoe Care Shoe Laces

Accessorize Your Shoes with Colored Shoelaces

My daily uniform is a pair of nice raw denim jeans, a button-up custom dress shirt, and a nice pair of leather dress shoes. Because I work for myself, I only wear my suits when traveling for business or attending some type of formal social function. Because I love dressing well, though, I still look for opportunities to accessorize what is otherwise a pretty simple outfit.

First, I love brightly-colored dress socks. They are a very simple, subtle yet smart way to accessorize your casual look. When wearing jeans, I am almost always sporting a pair of colored socks.

However, you can also further accessorize your wardrobe with a pair of colored shoe laces. In less than five minutes, you can completely switch out the shoelaces on any pair of dress shoe. The above pair of black Alfred Sargent shoes are my favorite pair of classic dress shoes. I wear them all the time both with jeans and my suits. However, as the above picture illustrates, switching out the black laces with a purple pair completely changes the look. I have never not had someone compliment them.

We are now carrying an entire collection of fancy colored shoe laces. Available in thirteen colors, there is a pair to match basically every pallet in your wardrobe. Try them out. And let me know what people say!