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When it comes to hangers, one size does not fit all. A cheap hanger can dramatically take away from a custom suit by damaging the look and fit. A finely tailored garment deserves a high-quality hanger that protects and extends the life of your luxury suit. Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, created a collection of clothes hangers, designed exclusively for the end consumer. His work and close collaboration with bespoke tailors and clothing aficionados resulted in a contoured hanger that prolongs the life of fine clothing by taking care of it on the hanger.

Clothing really lives and dies on the hanger because that is where it spends the majority of its time. Improper clothing care with is shoulder mountains, distorted collars and stretching. In result of this, your garment becomes deformed because of the improperly fitted hanger.

That is why here at The Hanger Project, we offer our hangers in up to four sizes. We know how critical it is for your hangers to fit properly.  We also craft each luxury hanger in three different finishes. These finishes are: The Traditional Finish, which uses birch wood with a nice cherry wood finish and brass hardware; The Natural Finish, crafted from furniture quality maple wood with chrome hardware; and lastly, the Alfred Finish with satin, chrome hardware, and black shoulder flocking. Over the last ten years, The Hanger Project has developed one of the most comprehensive and cohesive collections of luxury garment hangers that ever existed. These highly unique and specific hangers from The Hanger Project will not only last you the rest of your life but keep your garments looking as good as the day you hung them up.


Best Clothes Hangers

Trouser Hangers

This trouser hanger was designed specifically to solve the problem of creased trousers that occurs from locking trouser bars. Our Felted Trouser Bar Hanger is made with a felted, trouser bar that allows the trousers to gently drape over with no added pressure to eliminate unwanted creasing. The friction of the felt and the actual fabric of the trouser itself works together incredibly to grip the fabric and prevent the garment from sliding off the hanger. The strategic design of The Hanger Project felted trouser bar hanger prevents embarrassing creasing across the mid-thigh that typical locking trouser bar hangers give. This hanger is available in three different finishes: a beautiful, high-gloss brown finish, a natural finish made of high-quality Maplewood, and lastly our Alfred finish, which is a European beech wood.

Suit and Jacket Hangers

The Suit and Jacket Hanger provides optimum support to the shoulders and keeps them looking natural. Our 2.5-inch shoulder flares are designed to guarantee an ideal fit and give your garment the essential support it needs to hang well in the closet. Our luxury wooden suit and jacket hangers are available in four sizes to give you the most customizable fit. You are able to perfectly tailor the width of the hanger to match the garment. Properly fitted hangers extend all the way to the end of the shoulder without going into the sleeve itself. The Hanger Project suit and jacket hangers mimic the natural stance of your body with their contour. This retain the jacket’s form and prevents stretching of the collar.

Shirt and Sweater Hangers

Eliminate shoulder dimples and unwanted shoulder puckering with a custom fit Shirt and Sweater hanger designed specifically for soft-knit garments, polos, and golf shirts. The shoulder flocking helps to grip and control knits to help maintain its shape. These hangers are available in three beautiful different finishes.

Accessory Hangers

The accessory hangers make it easy to organize ties, belts, and scarfs that fit effortlessly inside anyone’s closet and conserves space. These hangers come ready-made and are constructed from high-quality Maplewood with an elegant finish.  Every hanger is compact and strategically designed to fit your organizational needs.

Women’s Suit and Jacket Hangers (Profile A)

The women’s hanger collection is divided into three fundamental profiles. These are based on the amount of support the hangers provide the garment’s shoulder. Our Profile A hangers feature a 1 and 3/4 inch shoulder flare and a really deep contour. This hanger is specifically for garments with lots of structure in the shoulder or that are heavy. Hanger that lack structure may cause stretching at the shoulder. For that reason, blazers, jackets or heavy coats call for hangers with strong shoulder support. This hanger is available with no attached hardware, a felted trouser bar or delicate clips.

Sweater and Blouse Hangers (Profile B)

Here at the Hanger project, we understand that closet space is a primary concern for many women, which is why we developed our Profile B hanger. It still offers that contoured profile and shoulder support but is more efficient in its use of closet space. Any garment that requires support, but not opulent support will flourish on the Profile B hanger. This hanger again is available in three types of hardware configurations.

Skinny Profile Hangers (Profile C)

The Profile C hangers use a 0.4-inch thickness, which is as skinny as you can make a wooden hanger, allowing you to fit as many garments as possible in your closet while still providing proper support. Again, this hanger is available with a felted trouser bar for trousers, delicate clips for skirts and bottoms and no hardware to use just a top hanger.

Just like men’s hangers, all the hangers in the women’s Runway Collection are available in multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit. We have the petite, 15-inch hanger and a standard, 17-inch hanger for varying body types. This allows you to tailor the width of your hanger so that it extends all the way to the shoulder without over extending into the sleeve. Lastly, our Runway Collection is also available in three different finishes. We have Traditional Finish (birchwood with a cherry wood finish), Natural Finish (maplewood), and Alfred Finish (satin) hangers.

 Watch our video on luxury wooden hangers here.


Garment Care Hangers

Luxury Hangers

A mismatch collection of wire and plastic hangers can make a closet look unappealing; and since your closet is one of the first things you see in the morning, this could add negative vibes early in the day. Upgrading to luxury hangers can help make your closet more visually appealing while adding uniformity.

Men’s Luxury Hangers

Our collection of Luxury Hangers for Men includes suit hangers, shirt hangers, sweater hangers, and trouser hangers. This means we have every single garment in your wardrobe covered with a hanger that was designed specifically for that piece to both protect and extend its lifetime. One size doesn’t fit all whenever it comes to your clothing; the same should be true whenever it comes to your hangers. By offering up to four different sizes we allow you to properly size the hanger to extend all the way to the shoulder. But more importantly, not past the shoulder sleeve.

Women’s Luxury Hangers

Our new Luxury Hangers for Women are also made in four different wood finishes, three profiles, and many options of different hardware and clips. They feature felted and notched shoulders that gently grip the garments to prevent stretching or slipping off to the ground. They also have a locking ring hook embedded that ensures the hook will never unscrew, which guarantees a lifetime of use. These beautiful real wooden hangers make a closet look as elegant as your wardrobe.


Choose Your Finish

All of our Luxury Hangers are available in the following wood, stain, and hardware options:

Luxury hangers - wood finishes

  • The Traditional Finish is constructed from solid birch with a high-gloss finish, brown flocking and brass hardware.
  • The Natural Maplewood Finish is constructed from USA maple wood with a satin finish, black flocking and chrome hardware. The Maplewood features a beautiful wood grain with deep marbling.
  • Alfred Finish is constructed from European beech wood using a sating finish, black flocking and chrome hardware. Beechwood is slightly heavier in weight and specking.
Garment Care Hangers

All New: Luxury Women’s Hangers

Wooden Hangers for Women’s Closets

We’ve sold unique hangers for over a decade for the well-dressed to take proper care of their wardrobe. We specialize in custom-fit hangers for quality suits and jackets to keep their shape, and now, we offer the same for women’s closets. They are available in three different wood finishes, and several shapes and styles to re-organize your wardrobe and increase the lifetime of your wardrobe. Your closet is a sacred place; it’s either a palace of beautifully organized, color-coordinated clothing, or a dungeon of clothes piled on shelves and sagging off hangers onto the floor. If you’re the type to appreciate and care for your wardrobe, then invest in some quality, wooden hangers from The Hanger Project. 

The Traditional Finish

We offer all of our women’s hangers in the traditional finish. Whether you want a suit and jacket hanger, or a blouse and dress hanger, you can get them all in this beautiful birchwood produced in Russia.

The Alfred Finish

The Alfred is one of our newest finishes, so we currently offer it in four different styles ranging from dress hangers to trouser bars. This finish is a striking dark mahogany color that will enhance the aesthetics of any closet.

The Maple/Natural Finish

And finally, we have our natural finish available in a maplewood. This finish has a lovely, three-dimensional wood grain, and is especially unique because it is usually reserved for furniture rather than hangers.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

This is not only true for clothing, but highly important for the hangers that support your clothing day after day. Properly sized hangers prevent stretching out shoulders in jackets or dimpling in the sleeves of blouses or dresses. There’s nothing worse than looking in someone’s closet to find all their clothes barley clinging on to flimsy wire hangers, or sleeves falling off slippery plastic ones. To find the perfect, custom hanger for your wardrobe, refer to our Sizing Guide.



Garment Care Hangers

Luxury Hangers for Alexander Kraft

Alexander Kraft recently made an order from The Hanger Project for our luxury hangers. As seen below they really filled out his wardrobe of Cifonelli suits. Cifonelli is one of the preeminent bespoke tailoring houses in Paris and one of the best and most prestigious in the world.

alexander.kraft insta

Garment Care Hangers

The Three Hanger Project Finishes

Luxury Shirt Hangers

I am excited to announce the long-over-due third finish to our collection of Luxury Men’s Hangers: Our Alfred Finish. Constructed from heavy European Beechwood, this dark espresso finish features a soft satin patina, chrome hardware, and black flocking. A modern update to a traditional finish, it is perfect for men who want a dark, masculine finish but do not like brass hardware.

Luxury Suit Hangers

The Hanger Project now offers the most comprehensive collection of luxury garment hangers available in the world. From the beginning, all of our hangers have been finished to the highest-specification. Each finish receives a double polyurethane finish, for added saturation and durability. And each of our three hangers is constructed from the finest hardwoods.

No one wood is better than the other — each of the three woods we use offers something unique to that finish collection.

Natural Maplewood Finish

For example, our Natural Maplewood Finish, available in both our collection of luxury women’s hangers and luxury men’s hangers, is crafted from beautiful maplewood that we obtain from the Pacific Northwest. Maplewood is normally reserved for furniture, not for hangers. We are one of the few (the only that I know of) that uses it to manufacture hangers. With an unfinished hanger, it is essential that the most beautiful wood possible be used. Without a dark finish, the wood is laid bare. All of it’s beauty — or imperfections — are easy to see.

Natural Maplewood Finish

Natural Maplewood Suit Hanger

Our Maplewood Hangers showcase the rich marbling and depth of woodgrain that is uncommon in hangers.

The Alfred Finish

Our Alfred Finish is a modern update to a traditional finish. A dark espresso finish similar to our Traditional Finish, we use a heavy European Beechwood for this hanger. With a soft, satin finish, chrome hardware, and black flocking, our Alfred Finish is perfect for the man who enjoys dark woods but does not like brass hardware. The specking of this woodgrain also offers a subtle texture yet clear woodgrain you would expect from a luxury hanger.

The Alfred Finish Luxury Shirt Hanger

The Traditional Finish

Our first and most popular finish, our Traditional Finish collection of luxury wooden hangers is constructed from high-quality birchwood with a high-gloss dark finish, brass hardware, and brown flocking. We use birchwood for this hanger because of its fine grain, pale color, and hardness. Produced in Russia, it provides a great canvas for the finish we apply, yet still yields a beautiful, smooth woodgrain that you would expect from a luxury hanger.

dark finished hangers

The Hanger Project Difference

First and foremost, The Hanger Project is not a hanger manufacturer. This is critical to understanding The Hanger Project Difference. You see, in order for a hanger manufacturer to keep their factories running and stay in business, they have to sell in huge volumes. And the only people buying in huge volumes are people who never actually use the hangers themselves. This is the whole reason that The Hanger Project was founded in 2007 — all the hangers available at that time were manufactured and sold wholesale to people who never suffered the cost of clothing destroyed by cheap, inadequate hangers.

When I started The Hanger Project, it wasn’t to create a business. Instead, it was a project to design the best possible hanger for my ONE bespoke suit. Since it was my only nice suit, it was critical that it last as long as possible. And since our garments spend more time in the closet than anywhere else, I knew that it had to be properly hung…

And that is how The Hanger Project began and why, to this day, we continue to make the best luxury garment hangers in the world. Because they are the only ones designed, made, and sold exclusively for end-consumer use.

For more information about our standard Hanger Project finishes, read our Hangers: Wood is King blog post.

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Runway Collection of Luxury Women’s Hangers are Back!

Runway Collection of Luxury Women's Hangers

Not satisfied with what was already on the market for women, Kirby determined that if he were to do women’s hangers, that he would have to start from scratch. Most hanger providers simply re-purpose men’s hangers for women. However, any woman knows that female wardrobes eclipse that of men’s in terms of complexity. A man can survive on three hangers: suit hangers, trouser hangers, and shirt hangers. However, the modern female wardrobe demands a much more complex solution.

That is why it took Kirby Allison over 18 months to develop our collection of Luxury Women’s Hangers. Three distinct profiles, each available in two sizes, with three hardware configurations, and in two finishes, this is the most comprehensive collection of luxury wooden hangers available in the world. A total of 36 unique hangers, to be exact!

Our first two experimental production runs sold out quickly but provided Kirby with invaluable customer feedback. We feel that we have now perfected the women’s hangers are are happy to officially launch Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project’s Runway Collection of luxury women’s hangers!

Click here to learn more about our luxury women’s hangers!

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I always travel with a Suit Hanger

Every time I travel to Europe, I am reminded why I always try to have a practice of bringing with me at least one of my own luxury suit hangers. At most American hotels, you can count on at least a decent set of hangers. Not phenomenal, but enough to get by on for a few days. They often can be combined to create a suit hanger.

However, in Europe, unless you are staying at four and five-star hotels, it’s anyone’s guess what you will discover in your room. So, I always make it a practice to bring at least one suit hanger. Here, I have two jackets and a pair of trousers on one hanger (inside one of my quality garment bags).

Given what I have just discovered in the closet, I am wishing that I had brought a second hanger with me…

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Hangers: Wood is King

Hangers: Wood is King

When it comes to luxury hangers, Wood is King. Wooden hangers are everywhere – but not all wooden hangers are created equal. You can find “wooden hangers” being sold all over the internet, at The Container Store, Wal-Mart and in hotels ranging from your cheap interstate motel all the way to the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland (the latter of which we supplied).

So, what’s the difference? Well, in addition to construction, availability of sizes, and other various details, the wood used is tremendously important. Here at The Hanger Project, we take the wood we use for our hangers very seriously. From the beginning, we have always been committed to using only the best woods available.

The wood is imporant for three reasons:

1. Hardness – the harder the wood, the better it holds it’s shape and the more durable it is. Our luxury hangers will never warp and the hardware is much less likely to fail because of the strength of the wood we use.

2. Woodgrain – cheap woods have bland woodgrains. When you look at the wood, you just don’t see anything. The hardwoods we have selected for our hangers yield woodgrain textures more commonly associated with expensive furniture than with hangers.

3. Color – when applying a stained finish to a hanger, a blonder wood produces greater consistency than a wood that has natural color or more color variation.

Types of Hardwoods

Below is a list of the different types of woods used in the manufacturing of hangers:

Lotus Wood – one of the cheapest woods from China, Lotus Wood is most commonly found in very cheap hotel hangers. It does not feature any noticeable woodgrain, is bland in appearance, and not particularly strong.

Generic Hardwoods – a lot of non-specific generic hardwoods are used in the manufacturing of hangers.

Birchwood – known for its fine grain, pale color, and hardness, birchwood is one of the premium woods we use for the manufacturing of our hangers. It provides a great, even canvas that produces a smooth finish and strong hanger.

Alderwood – part of the birch family, alder is more prone to produce inconsistent, black flecking throughout the woodgrain that can disrupt the visual consistency of the finish.

Maplewood – maplewood is the most expensive of the woods available for us to use, especially in the thicker stocks required to produce our Luxury Suit Hangers which costs almost twice as much as the birch we use. But when it comes to woodgrains, maple yields the most beautiful of all the woods with a depth and marbling that is just stunning. The maplewood we use is grown in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Beechwood – More commonly used throughout Europe than the United States, beechwood is the heaviest of all the woods we use and features a very particular black specking for which it is known. Grown primarily throughout Europe, the beech we use in our newest finish is grown in Ireland, Britain, Demnark, Sweden, & Norway.

Ashwood – very, very particular, ash wood features a very pronounced, heavy woodgrain and does not yield a smooth finish. The hardness of the woodgrain produces a raised surface that is not perfectly smooth.

Birchwood – Our Traditional Finish

Our traditional finished hangers are Birchwood because of its fine grain, pale color, and hardness. Produced in Russia, it provides a great canvas for the finish we apply, yet still yields a beautiful, smooth woodgrain that you would expect from a luxury hanger. The picture below is a closeup of our Luxury Shirt Hanger in our traditional finish. Upon close inspection, you see a woodgrain you would expect from a high-quality wooden hanger.

Maplewood – Our Natural Finish

We considered using birch and beech for our naturally-finished hanger, but none stood up to maple. Despite being significantly more expensive than the others we considered, at the end of the day the quality of the wood used when applying a natural finish is even more than with any of our other hangers. The stain we use with our traditional finish mutes the woodgrain. All of the subtleties that make maple special disappear into the background.

As you can see in the above picture of our Naturally-Finished Luxury Shirt Hanger, the maplewood yields breathtaking marbling and depth. The depth is difficult to reproduce in a photograph, but you can see the dimensionality of the woodgrain. This is just something that other woods, with the exception of some exotics like bubinga, do not produce.

What I really appreciate about the maple, and what you can really see with our naturally-finished hangers, is the complexity and diversity of the woodgrain. Every hanger showcases a different woodgrain characteristic.

European Beech – Our Newest Finish

We are currently in production of a new collection of luxury clothes hangers using European Beechwood. We are using a traditional, oak satin finish. The specking that is characteristic to this wood will be muted by the darkness of the finish, yet the weight of the wood will still impart the uniqueness of beech onto our collection of hangers.

Ashwood – By Special Order Only

Ash wood is very particular and quite decisive. You either love it or hate it. Ash features a very strong, raised woodgrain that produces a physical, raised texture. In my opinion, the woodgrain overpowers the aesthetic of the hanger instead of complimenting or enhancing it.

Seen in the above custom hanger we did for a client in New York City, you can see the strength of the woodgrain. What the picture does not show is that you can actually feel the woodgrain.

Although interesting, we do not use ashwood for any of our permanent collections. However, if you find it interesting, email us to inquire about placing a custom order (note: there is a 100 piece per style minimum).

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The Question of Cedar Hangers

I often receive the question of why we do not manufacture any wooden hangers out of cedar. In fact, I receive this question so often, that I thought I would go ahead and write a blog post describing why you actually should never use a hanger made from cedar.

First, in order for cedar to be aromatic, it has to be unfinished. The problem with an unfinished hanger, even an extremely well-sanded one, is that the unfinished wood could splinter and snag fabrics. Imagine pulling your suit hanger off of a hanger only to have it snag some fibers. It would be tragic.

Second, I love the smell of cedar. I do not have a cedar closet, but one day, would like to. However, I do not like cedar enough to want to walk around all day smelling like it. If we made a hanger out of cedar, when you pulled your suit jacket off of it, it, too, would smell like cedar. Great for shoes. Bad for clothing.

Third, Cedar is not as effective as many believe at protecting garments against moths. Garment Bags are really the best means of protecting a garment against these creatures. So, a cedar hanger is not going to provide adequate protection against moths.

Rest assured, though, that we are steadfast working on adding new products that would aid the well-dressed in their quest to defend their wardrobes against cloth-eating insects.

If you have any questions or counters to my thinking, please, by all means, reach out to me directly and let me know!

If you want cedar in your closet

If you really want cedar in your closet, then I recommend some of the following products that offer it but will not risk damaging any items in your wardrobe.

Cedar Belt Hanger


Cedar Tie Hanger


Cedar Hang-Ups

Cedar Sachets


Cedar Belt Spinner


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What to do when closet space is tight

Not all closets are created equal. To fully protect and support one’s prized suit while hanging in the closet, support is KING. The more support your clothes hangers provide your garments, the less likely they are to distort or damage while hanging. You see, a garment’s worst enemy is gravity. It is the weight of the hanger, when pulled down by gravity, that causes annoying shoulder puckering and distorted collars. When the weight of the suit, or any garment for that matter, is distributed over a small area, this occurs. However, a true Luxury Garment Hanger provides maximum support to the garment — both in hanger girth (like our 2.5″ shoulder flare) and width (we offer four sizes).

However, luxury clothes hangers by design consume more room than cheap hangers. So, what do you do while traveling or, say, you live in New York City where you have a tiny closet? As much as one might want to hang all of their Brioni suits on our Luxury Suit Hanger, the physical constraints of their closet just wouldn’t allow it.

This is where our Luxury Travel Hanger comes in. Really, I could have called this our New Yorker Hanger. Nothing about the hanger is specific to travel except for the hook, which is angled to make it easier to carry with one’s hand. However, this one characteristic makes no difference in the closet. The hook works totally normally when hung in the closet.

What distinguishes our Luxury Travel Hanger from more ordinary hangers are a few characteristics. First, we manufacture the hanger as thick as possible without compromising it’s capacity to fit into small places. Whereas normal hangers similar in style are 1/2″ thick, we increased the thickness of our hanger by 50% to 3/4″. Second, our Luxury Travel Hanger features a felted trouser bar, which prevents creasing and does a better job securing trousers during travel than a locking bar. And, third, our Luxury Travel Hanger is available in four widths to guarantee a perfect, tailored fit.

So, if closet space is at a premium, try our our Luxury Travel Hanger!