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Collar Stay Tips

Being a gentleman is all about the details, and more importantly, the details that no one ever knows about. One of the most refined characteristics of a well-dressed gentleman are the details that no one ever sees, such as collar stays. One might ask, so why wear collar stays? Truly, there is nothing less flattering than a shirt collar appearing to take flight on a windy day because one forgot to insert his collar stays. Without these essential items, there is no control or structure to the collar and a suit just looks sloppy.

Never Wear Plastic Or Metal Collar Stays

Anyone that is actually taking care of their overall appearance from head to toe knows that he would never insert plastic collar stays into his collar because they are not reliable. First and foremost you can’t count on them to keep your collar looking stiff and straight and if you forget to take them out at the end of the day and actually send that shirt to the dry cleaners, the heat from the pressing machine will melt the collar stay into the fabric in almost a certain permanent upward curve. Metal collar stays are not much better because they too can permanently damage a nice dress shirt. Typically, metal collar stays are punched out of a rigid, sheet of metal and the results are very sharp edges. By inserting these into the collar sleeve, the unpolished edges will most certainly saw through the fabric causing that shirt to rip. So what kind of collar stay should you be using?

Our Hanger Project collar stays are made of the highest quality, natural materials each polished to perfection. Each of our collar stays preserve a thin profile, while still being durable enough to hold your collar down and create a crisp form. Superior quality and customization are highly important to us here at The Hanger Project, which is why we carry three exotic materials in multiple lengths to embellish your shirts and style.

Mother of Pearl

Our mother of pearl collar stays are handcrafted in Milan, Italy and are far superior to any ordinary collar stay when it comes to sophistication and functionality. Each collar stay is specially polished by hand to ensure smooth edges and an iridescent finish. Often times, collar stays are very thick and bulky, but our Mother of Pearl collar stay maintains a thin form.



The horn collar stays were made specifically for The Hanger Project making us the first company to request the production of this luxury item. The natural marbling of the browns, blacks, and creams creates a beautiful finish unique to any other collar stay. The flexibility of this collar stay is the most consistent with what people expect from plastic collar stays.


The Hanger Project bone collar stays are made of 100% natural deer bone to retain flexibility and softness. Each collar stay is handcrafted guarantee long, smooth edges and thin frames.

Daily Collar Stay Routine

Inserting your collar stays in the morning and removing them at the end of the day should become part of your ritual of getting dressed.  Just like  you would buff your shoes with a horsehair brush or brush your suit with a proper garment brush, inserting collar stays is just as important of a step. If you commit yourself to using a nice high quality pair of collar stays made from a really beautiful luxury material you can trust that with a little bit of practice this can absolutely become a part of your daily routine.

Traveling Collar Stay Case

Traveling with your collar stays is absolutely recommended, nonetheless, we found that this is a time where losing your collar stays can most likely occur. You stick them in your luggage or briefcase and the next thing you know, you are missing a collar stay. To resolve this issue, we had collar stay holder cases made specifically for us at The Hanger Project. Each case is made in various different colors of crocodile leather. You can easily store various different lengths and up to a full set of collar stays. With these luxury carrying cases, you never have to worry about losing a pair of nice collar stays.

Collar Stays Garment Care

Wurkin-Stiff Magnetic Collar Stays

Collar Stays are a relatively straight-forward item that has probably changed little since it was first invented. That is, however, until Wurkin-Stiffs came along. These magnetic collar stays are the single largest innovation to have occured to collar stays probably since they were invented. Incredibly simple yet very useful, the metal collar stays use a small magnent placed inside the shirt to hold the collar upright when not wearing a tie.

The one thing I hate almost as much as a shirt without collar stays is one with an uncontrolled collar. Depending on how the shirt and collar are cut, the collar can flap out regardless of wether you are using collar stays. This is why button-down shirts have become popular for casual wear. The button controls the collar and keeps it upright. If you take a normal dress shirt meant to be worn with a tie and wear it without one, normally you have a floppy, uncontrolled collar that just doensn’t look smart.

However, with the Wurking-Stiffs, you can turn any formal shirt into a smart casual shirt without fear of a slopping, uncontrolled collar! $40.00 for a set of three lengths or $20.00 each pair.

Collar Stays Garment Care

Deumer Sterling Silver Collar Stay Set

Sterling Silver Collar Stays

Cheap metal collar stays are worse for your shirts than plastic ones. The reason is that these type of collar stays are normally die-cut from a sheet of metal. The resulting edges are sharp and easily cut or puncture through the end of the collar stay sleeve, thereby ruining a shirt.

That is why a pair of Sterling Silver Collar Stays make such an incredible gift. This pair crated by Deumer in Germany, the same company that makes all of the insignias for Porsche, are hand crafted and polished. The resulting collar stay is a beautiful sterling silver collar stay that is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing. They come as a set of two, one set 2.15″ and the second 2.50″.

At $250 a set, they are certainly excessive. But that is what is special about a pair of sterling silver collar stays. Not necessarily something one would purchase for themselves, they make an excellent gift. And there is just something special about knowing that you are using incredible collar stays crafted from sterling silver while most everyone else working around you is using plastic. Call me an elitist!

Collar Stays Garment Care

Bone Collar Stays – The Alternative to Plastic

A continuation of the last post on Luxury Collar Stays, not all collar stays are created equal. Some people actually do prefer plastic collar stays over metallic ones. Not because they like plastic, but more so because they appreciate the soft flexibility that a plastic collar stay offers. Metal collar stays are inherently rigid. Some people like this; some people do not. Our Horn Collar Stays are less rigid than metal but certainly more than plastic.

However, our Bone Collar Stays are hand carved from AbbeyHorn in England. They are certainly lighter, smaller, and more flexible than any other non-plastic collar stay. However, AbbeyHorn will only make them in two widths for us: 2.25″ and 2.50″. This is perfect for spread collars, but they really need to make a 2.75″ or 3.00″ version for longer, pointed collars. However, after years of nagging, they still refuse to do this for me. Since they are the only people in the world that do this kind of work, we still only have two widths (sorry).

As illustrated by the above photograph, what is unique about or Bone Collar Stays is that they retain the flexibility that many like about plastic but they are not plastic. Try them out and fall in love with these Stays. Shop Now >>