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NEW Palatino 920L Super-Fine Dress Socks

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The latest addition to our collection of luxury socks are the super-fine Palatino 920L Cotton Dress Sock. These socks are literally knitted to the highest specification in every way possible for what is probably the most comfortable cotton sock in the world.

They are a natural evolution to our 830 Cotton Socks. Instead of being knitted on a 240-needle machine, these 920L Super-Fine Socks are knitted on 260-needle machines for the highest-possible thread count. The result is an incredibly thin, super soft and comfortable cotton sock.

These socks feature an added 1×1 “Gambaletto” Rib at the top to make the socks stretch even more easily over your calves. Think of an accordion — the 1×1 rib stretches more than the 8×2 rib on the rest of the sock.

Available in seven sizes and six colors.

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Palatino Socks Back In Stock

Palatino Luxury Cotton Socks

We have just received a resupply of our new Extra-Fine Palatino 830 Dress Socks. With seven sizes, 14 colors, and both Mid-Calf and Over-the-Calf lengths, it’s easy for us to develop small inventory holes. This recent reorder fixes that.

I am a big shoe lover. As my tastes have evolved, I have come to appreciate the difference of fine hosiery. Previously I did not pay much attention to my socks. However, they make a tremendous difference in both how fine shoes wear and comfort.

There are two important criteria that differentiate fine socks from ordinary ones: (1) yarn size and (2) knit fineness.

Just like with suiting, the smaller the yarn, the more finer the raw fiber is required. The finer the yarn, the higher “thread count” can be achieved in knitting. Our Palatino 830 Dress Socks use the finest Egyptian Cotton available: Mako from a small delta in the River Nile called the “Giza 70” production area. These fibers are incredibly fine and long, which makes them perfect for knitting socks.

Such a high-quality yarn, in turns, allows for the socks to be knitted to a finer “thread count” using a 240-needle machine. This allows for an incredibly-thin, almost sheer sock that disappears on your foot. When worn, it does not get in the way. Instead, it creates a super-thin foot covering that allows for you to slip your shoes on easily and comfortably without crowding things. This is critical because the nicer your shoes, the better they fit.

Most ordinary socks are knitted using a mid-100 needle machine and relatively thick cotton yarns. This creates a thick sock that clams the foot because it does not breath, which is why most people associate cotton socks with low-quality, instead preferring wool or cashmere.

I invite you to discover the difference of quality socks! Our Palatino Socks are knitted just for The Hanger Project in Rome to our exact specifications.

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Sock Drawer Fresheners

As I have said many times on this blog, Santa Maria Novella has been one of my “great discoveries.” Absolutely everything of theirs to come out of Florence is just spectacular – the product of decades of product evolution and centuries of knowledge.

One problem that they run into, though, is that many of their best products were made for a bygone generation. The purpose of many of their products is just not obvious to my generation. Even I am at a loss with much of their non-core products. However, that does not make them any less incredible.

One such discovery has been their Armenia Papers. These papers are manufactured today by Santa Maria Novella just as they originally were in the 16th Century! Their official purpose is to be burnt as an incense in order to remove odors from any space. However, how often do we 21st Century Americans really find ourselves travel some place where we cannot stand the smell of our room (perhaps visiting the family over the holidays?)??

Santa Maria Novella Armenia Papers

I tried this for a little while, keeping a pack of these Armenia Papers in my luggage and using them in my hotel rooms. But, I’ll be honest – I do not often find myself staying at places that smell that poorly.

So, here comes the discovery. I began to store these Armenia Papers in my sock drawer between travels. And, to my great pleasure, every time I opened my sock drawer, the scent of “frankincense and myrrh” smelt incredible! My socks, which do not normally smell bad, begun to smell even better.

So, new use for an old item brought to you by The Hanger Project — where everything we sell is actually something individually curated by people (aka, me) who use, and love, every product!