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$100 Shirt vs $1000 Shirt Comparison ? | Kirby Allison

What are the differences between a $100 RTW shirt and a $1000 bespoke shirt? Just like with suiting, there is a huge range of quality and craftsmanship available.

The biggest difference is the bespoke pattern. The pattern is made to your exact measurements and specifications. RTW shirts are made on a block pattern that is made to fit as many different body types as possible creating a limited quality of fit with an RTW shirt.

You can specify any detail, cuff, collar, collar Hight, spread width, etc. with a bespoke shirt, something that even MTM shirts cannot attain.


The goal of the fit of a bespoke shirt is not to be VERY tight. A good shirt should allow for free range of motion, while not being baggy. If your shirt, suit, or any article of tailored clothing are not the most comfortable article of clothing in your wardrobe, they don’t fit right.


Another important difference between a bespoke and an RTW shirt is the armhole size. On an RTW shirt, the armhole and fit in general is cut to fit a lot of different people, while on a bespoke it is cut as close as possible to give the best movement. A low arm hole makes your shirt come untucked much easier.


To see all the differences between his bespoke shirts and RTW, follow the link below!