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London Savile Row Walking Tour | Huntsman v Henry Poole v Anderson & Sheppard House Style Comparison

Savile Row Walking Tour

During our trip to London earlier this year, we had the distinct pleasure of getting to tour many of the most prolific tailors on Savile Row to discuss what makes each house style unique.


Huntsman Tailor

Huntsman is one of the oldest and most prolific tailors on Savile Row. Founded in 1849 by Henry Huntsman, Huntsman has been on the same location on Savile Row for 100 years.  The Huntsman House cut is characterized by a single button, high waisted cut that is deeply rooted in equestrian riding. A style that is really world-renowned in tailoring. The suit is completely hand-cut and hand-sewn by master tailors.


Chittleborough & Morgan

While there are many historic tailors on the Row, they are also many emerging/more modern tailors. One of them is Chittleborough & Morgan. Joe Morgan the head cutter was one of the original tailors at the legendary NUTTERS of Savile Row back in the 60s and 70s before striking out with Roy Chittleborough (now retired) to start their own firm. Chittleborough & Morgan are known for their exuberant house style, featuring a very padded shoulder, wide lapels, and a nipped waist. Chittleborough & Morgan take pride in taking care of every detail, both seen and unseen. They will even hand stitch scenes onto the canvas on the insides of jackets.


Gaziano and Girling

Gaziano and Girling are the first and only luxury shoemakers on the row. Making shoes with the same quality of materials as their bespoke offering, Gaziano and Girling offer one of the finest Ready-to-Wear shoes in the world. The shoes feature details like a fiddleback waist typically seen on bespoke shoes, as well as a high-density stitched outsole with an invisible channel stitching. Gaziano and Girling are known for having a modern British aesthetic with a more chiseled toe shape on popular models like St James II. For those who want a more conservative shoe, Gaziano & Girling have developed their Classic Range, which features more subdued detailing.


Henry Poole

Henry Poole is the original tailor on Savile Row, dating their inception back to 1806. While Poole is the oldest tailor on the row, their style has been continually updated to keep with modern tastes and needs. The coat is cut with a close chest and a neat, non-roped sleeve head. The chest and back are cut with no extra fabric with the exception of a bit a drape in the sleeves.

Anderson & Shepard

Unlike many of the other tailors on Savile Row and the UK, Anderson & Shepard is really known for their soft tailoring style, where comfort is key. The house style is characterized by a high armhole and a full cut chest, creating a jacket that is as comfortable after a day of wearing as when it is put on. According to the head cutter, everything about the cut has a softness to it and nothing is to sharp. Anderson & Shepard is also known for dressing some of the most famous men of the golden age of Hollywood such as Fred Astaire and Cary Grant.


For more details on our visit and to hear the conversations between Kirby and the tailors follow the link in below!