Shoe Care Shoe Horns Tips by Kirby

How to Use a Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn

In this video, we’re going to show you how to use a shoehorn, and talk you through some of the important points to keep in mind to ensure you’re using it properly. Shoe horns come in many different sizes and so whether you’re using something small like our travel shoehorn or our full-length 24-inch shoehorn it’s a function of whether or not you have space or in the case of our full length shoehorn whether or not you want to be able to use it while standing up.

Step 1: Travel Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn - Step 1
The first shoe horn we’re going to show you how to use is our tab shoehorn. This is one of my favorite shoe horns. Although it is a quite large, certainly larger than the travel shoehorn, this is actually what I carry with me in my briefcase and my luggage. To use a shoehorn simply rest the shoehorn in the back of the shoes like this. Then carefully slide your foot into the shoe so that as your heel is sliding into the shoe the shoe horn is coming out. Like all other shoe horns, this one will effectively prevent damage to the back of your dress shoes. This is even more important for people who own bespoke shoes such as myself since they fit so tightly. Always loosen your laces. You want your laces as loose as possible, and a pair of bespoke shoes that are really tight you’re going to want to loosen your laces even more just to allow this shoe to open as much as possible as you slide your foot in.

Step 2: 24-inch Shoehorn

How to Use a Shoehorn
Next, we’re going to use our full-length shoehorn. This shoehorn measures 24 inches long. It’s a beautiful long shoehorn that allows you to place your shoes on without having to bend over or sit down. This works especially well for people that might not be as mobile, and don’t have a chair in their closet, or don’t want to bend down in order to put their shoes on. Again this shoehorn does not require you to reach down as far so you don’t have to bend over. Simply insert the shoehorn into the back of your shoe. Then slide your foot in. As your heel is sliding into the shoe pull up slightly on the shoehorn so that by the time your heel is fully seated into the shoe you’ve pulled the shoehorn completely out. The reason that that’s important is as you’re sliding your foot into the shoe you don’t want the shoehorn to further wedge your foot into the shoe making it difficult to put on. As you can see shoe horns are quite simple to use but are essential for maintaining shoes that are a snug fit.
Of course, all of these beautiful horn shoe horns are available on The Hanger Project. What I love about horn is just the natural marbling of the different colors of horn. This is a natural material. Absolutely beautiful, but we do have other shoe horns here on the hanger project and are proud to offer one of the widest and most comprehensive selections of shoe horns available anywhere in the world.