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Lavabre Cadet Made-To-Order Gloves

We’re excited to launch this year’s special project with the renowned French glove maker Lavabre Cadet. They are easily considered one of the finest glove makers in the world. Lavabre Cadet is offering Hanger Project customers the opportunity to commission a pair of semi-bespoke gloves constructed from individual hand tracings. Following the success of last year’s special project, we have added two new styles to this year’s special order.

We are pleased to offer this rare, exclusive opportunity for a bespoke-quality Lavabre Cadet gloves without the visit to Paris. Each pair of gloves commissioned through this Special Project will be handcrafted from an individualized pattern based on hand tracings provided by you. These custom handmade gloves are available in the rare materials of polished kidskin, suede kidskin, or peccary and now alligator.

The Specifics:

We will send each customer hand tracing forms once their order’s confirmed. We’re accepting orders through July 31st with gloves being delivered no later than December 15th.
All of our gloves are made with full quirks. They’re the small triangular pieces that fit between the fingers of the glove which allow them to sit more naturally. Quirks require a significant amount of additional work and sadly a detail no longer commonly found. It is our pleasure to be able to offer this on our Lavabre Cadet gloves.
All of our gloves are available with custom monogramming.


Kid Skin Gloves

Lavabre Cadet - Kidskin Gloves

Lavabre Cadet is one of the few glove makers out there still making gloves out of kidskin. It is the skin from a baby goat versus most gloves which are made from Nappa leather. Kidskin is incredibly soft and supple and a luxurious material for gloves. The nerves of our kidskin gloves are sewn by hand which gives a nice subtle wave and elegance to the palm of the hand. Our kidskin gloves are available with inside machine stitching which allows for a formal sleek look or outside machine stitching. Alternatively, for an additional level of workmanship, outside hand stitching is available upon special request.

Peccary gloves

Lavabre Cadet - Peccary Gloves
Now the king of all materials for glove without question is peccary. A peccary is a small, wild rodent. The peccary produces an absolutely soft, supple and visually interesting skin that makes for an incredible glove. It’s one of those materials that aren’t widely available. If you’re able to find a pair of peccary gloves they are almost certainly made with a two-piece pattern. This means that the top part and the bottom part of the glove are cut separately and then sewn together. What that results in is an interior seam along the index finger and glove. Exclusive to our special project and really drawing on Lavabre Cadet’s incredible craftsmanship and access to materials, we’re offering the opportunity to commission a pair of pecary gloves and a rare, one-piece pattern. This is exceptionally rare because of the difficulty finding these wild skins in good enough condition to allow for both the front the back part of the glove to be sourced from the same skin. Famous French luxury goods maker Hermes is one of the few places that you can find pecary gloves, but even they stopped selling one-piece peccary gloves because they were no longer able to consistently source this material. This year we’re also allowing your peccary gloves to be lined with cashmere or silk should you require a warmer glove. Our peccary skins are available in a dark brown, a grey, a cork and new for this year a mid-brown. Additionally, all of our peccary gloves are finished with hand stitching along the border.

Peccary with Alligator Trim

Lavabre Cadet - Peccary with Alligator Trim Gloves
Now new for this year, we’re offering a very exciting variation of our pecary gloves and that is a black pecary glove with the dark brown alligator trim. This takes the peccary glove to an entirely new level. This glove is made with inside stitching, full quirks, and three hand-sewn veins. The crocodile trim is on the interior of the thumb and also along the border of the wrist. Because of the alligator trim, these gloves are made either with an interior silk lining or cashmere lining and inside stitching.

Alligator gloves

Lavabre Cadet - Alligator Gloves
New for this year and exceptionally rare, our alligator gloves sourced from Louisiana alligator. Yes, that’s right. Alligator; these gloves are nothing short of awesome. Again here we see the exceptional quality of sourcing from Lavabre Cadet. The alligator is so incredibly soft that they’re able to construct these gloves with inside stitching. That may seem like a small detail, but most alligator or crocodile gloves have to have outside stitching because the skins are too stiff to be folded inside to allow that inside stitching. This is an incredibly formal and sleek glove. We’re offering this alligator in both black and a dark brown. One of the most unique aspects of this Lavabre Cadet special project or digital trunk show is to have your pair of gloves made based on an individualized hand tracing.

After every order is confirmed we will follow up with you and send you a hand tracing and sketching sheet that includes everything you need to take your hand tracings. Then we ask that you mail them back to us or scan and email them. Once all the special orders have been bundled together we’re gonna send all these to the Lavabre Cadet Maitre Gantier so that they can create your customized pattern based on your hand tracing.

How to Conduct the Hand Tracing for Your Lavabre Cadet Gloves

First, measure the width of your hand across the knuckles with the hand gently closed. Secondly, provide a hand tracing. On the last page, a measuring tape that you can cut out is included. Just cut this out or if you have a measuring tape at home you can use that. Grip this measuring tape in between your index finger and your thumb and then wrap it around your hand and gently close your fingers — don’t clench your fist. Then trace your hand — you want to make sure your entire hand fits on the sheet and then with a pen or a pencil at a 90-degree angle to the paper you want to start at your wrist and just gently trace around your whole hand. (Now if you can remember to take off your wedding band before you do this as it can disrupt the process.) And then make sure you get it into your wrists. It’s important to take it into the wrist because that is going to let them know how far the wrist of the glove actually needs to come up. So there we go.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to reach out to customer service. We’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions. And once you’re done with your hand tracings, we’ll give you an address to mail these to.