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How to Shine Shoes in 10 Minutes

Shining your shoes can be a lengthy process, however, in this tutorial, we show you how to achieve a good-looking 10 minute shoeshine. Follow the steps below and your favorite pair of shoes will be shiny in no time.

Step 1: Clean shoes with a Horsehair Brush, Water, and a Cotton Chamois

10 Minute Shoeshine - Step 1

First, you want to start off by preparing and cleaning your shoes before the shoe shine. Begin by buffing the shoes with our Hanger Project 100% Horsehair brush. Then rub a high-shine cotton chamois with a very small amount of water on the shoe. Here we used our Spray Bottle.

Step 2: Apply Saphir Cream Polish

10 Minutes Shoeshine - Step 2

Second, we are going to apply Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish onto the shoe. The purpose of this step is to renew the finish and add some softer waxes onto the shoe. After applying Saphir Pommadier cream polish onto the shoe, buff the cream polish with the horsehair shoeshine brush using brisk motions.

Bonus Tip:

Considering you’re in a rush, apply some of the Saphir Pommadier cream polish onto the front edge of the shoe. The front edge of the shoe is usually the first to become discolored with normal wear.

Step 3: Apply Saphir Wax Polish

10 Minute Shoeshine - Step 3

Lastly, we will finish the shoeshine off with Saphir Pate De Luxe Wax Polish. On a clean part of the high shine cotton chamois spray a little bit of water and then pick up some of the wax shoe polish and apply it to the toe of the shoe.

After a 10 Minute Shoeshine

10 Minute Shoeshine - After