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Allen Edmonds Shoe Care – Polishing New Shoes

In this Allen Edmonds shoe care tutorial, we will provide steps and tips for polishing new leather dress shoes. Like many ready-to-wear dress shoes, Allen Edmonds come from the factory devoid of any polish. Beyond that, the leather may have naturally dried up while sitting on the store shelf. This is not to say that Allen Edmonds does not take care of the shoes they sell, but with the proper products, you can do better. So, with that in mind, we are going to make sure your new Allen Edmonds are looking their very best from the get-go. For this new Allen Edmonds shoe care routine, we will use:

Firstly, you will need to match the color of your new Allen Edmonds with Saphir’s shoe polish. Luckily for you, we’ve created plenty of Allen Edmonds shoe care content, including this handy Allen Edmonds Shoe Polish Guide. Once you’ve matched the shoes with the color(s) of your choosing, remove the shoelaces from the shoe. Now that those are out of the way and you have selected your polish color, you may begin.

Step 1: Apply Saphir Renovateur

Allen Edmonds Shoe Care - Renovateur

If there is one product anyone with a shoeshine kit should own, it’s the Saphir Renovateur. The Renovateur is a highly versatile leather conditioner. It not only moisturizes dried up leather, bringing back its flexibility, but also provides a light shine to the shoes with its small concentration of waxes. As we mentioned earlier, new shoes purchased from Allen Edmonds may have naturally dried up some on the shelf. The Renovateur will not only counter this, but will also help prevent future damage related to dryness such as cracking.

When applying the Renovateur, you may use your cotton chamois, or simply rub it into the leather with your finger tips. Unlike the wax polishes we’ll use later, applying this product to the entire upper portion of the shoe is perfect fine. Once you have applied your coat of Renovateur, allow the leather between 30 minutes and 1 hour for it to absorb the product. The leather’s pores naturally absorb as much of the product as they can, so don’t worry about using too much. After the shoes are done absorbing the Renovateur, the leather will be noticeably softer, more supple, and more flexible. You may now use either a clean portion of your chamois or a horsehair brush to remove any excess from the leather. Once the excess is removed, you will be left with a light shine on the shoes. You are now ready to start applying polish.

Step 2: Apply Saphir Cream Polish

Allen Edmonds Shoe Care - Cream Polish

After conditioning the leather, you may now use a cream polish. The Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish is one of the best cream polishes you can find on the market. It contains a strong concentration of pigments, which will further accent the color of your shoes. It is possible to mix different colors of cream polish to achieve the perfect match, but more often than not, simply selecting one based on our guide will serve you well.

Before you begin, apply a tiny amount of polish on a less visible part of the shoe to test the color match. If you are satisfied with the color, apply a light amount around the shoe and rub it in using your chamois. Much like we did with the Renovateur, allow the Cream Polish time to dry. Once both shoes are dry, buff the excess polish off using a horsehair brush.

Step 3: Apply Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Polish

Allen Edmonds Shoe Care - Wax Polish

While the Saphir Cream Polish will apply a gentle shine throughout the entire shoe, it won’t be particularly strong. If you would like a stronger shine, the harder waxes found in the Pate de Luxe Wax Polish will be right for you. Try the shoes on first and note the areas of the shoes that fold and move with your foot. Avoid these areas when applying hard wax polishes to prevent cracking. With that in mind, use your high shine chamois to apply the wax polish to the shoes’ toe caps and heels. Allow the waxes time to dry and become cloudy. Buff these waxes using a clean portion of your chamois and a light amount of water as needed. This will help your chamois glide over the waxes with ease. For faster results, apply one coat and then move on to the Mirror Gloss.

Step 4: Apply Saphir Mirror Gloss

Allen Edmonds Shoe Care - Mirror Gloss

The Saphir Mirror Gloss serves as a shortcut to achieving a mirror shine. While it is possible to achieve one solely using the Pate de Luxe, the task becomes quite time-consuming. Pair the Pate de Luxe with the Mirror Gloss for quicker great-looking results. The Mirror Gloss will quickly build up a layer of waxes while the Pate de Luxe will lightly smooth them out. Apply one, wait for it to dry, then apply the other. Alternate between the two a few times, lightly dipping your chamois in water when you start to feel more resistance. The more you buff the waxes, the clearer they will become. This process is almost hypnotic for some, and they will spend long amounts of time chasing the perfect shine. However, you may stop whenever you are happy with your results.

All Done!

Allen Edmonds Shoe Care - Completed Polish

Your Allen Edmonds are now nurtured, shining, and even more beautiful than when you got them. The hard work and dedication you put into them has made them pristine, and will set you apart from those who don’t take the time to properly care for shoes. If you would like to learn more about shining a new pair of Allen Edmonds, check out the video below or visit our YouTube channel. On our channel , you will find a more shoe shining and Allen Edmonds shoe care videos, as well as a variety of content tailored for the well-dressed.