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10 Instagram Accounts for Shoe Aficionados

Instagram is a great platform for users to keep up with their hobbies. If you’re a shoe enthusiast, it’s great way to immerse yourself in the world of bespoke shoemaking. With that in mind, Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and bespoke shoe aficionado, took it upon himself to compile a list of his favorite 10 accounts for shoe aficionados. These accounts are not listed in any particular order, meaning the first one is not necessarily Kirby’s absolute favorite. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @HangerProject to stay updated on our latest arrivals, new videos, and more. Here are Kirby Allison’s favorite 10 instagram accounts for shoe aficionados:

George Cleverley @georgecleverley

George Cleverley

George Cleverley is a bespoke British shoemaker, and Kirby’s shoemaker of choice. Their Instagram account allows followers to have a behind the scenes look at the shoes that go through their workshop.

Jim McCormack @jims_shoeworkshop

Jims Shoeworkshop

Jim McCormack is widely regarded as one of West End’s best shoemakers. He is an independent shoemaker with contracts from several other shoemaking firms, and his profile highlights the process for the many shoes that he makes.

Ryo Hosokawa @bespokemakers


Bespokemakers spotlights a lot of Japanese shoemakers and their work. The photography on the page is beautiful, and details different types of shoes and styles from around the world.

Saint Crispin’s Americas @saintcrispinsamericas


This is Saint Crispin’s account for North and South America. Their Americas profile is different from the global Saint Crispin’s one, and features some of the best shoe photography on the internet. The shoes featured follow a wide variety of styles, and are an excellent source of ideas for future shoes.

Emiko Matsuda @emiko.matsuda

Emiko Matsuda

Emiko is the senior last maker for Foster & Son, the bespoke shoemaker from Jermyn Street in London. She does a great job in her profile of bringing the user into her workshop and detailing the work she is doing.

Ascot Shoes @ascotshoes

Ascot Shoes

This is one of the most active accounts on the list, posting almost every single day. Following Ascot Shoes is a great way to stay updated on the London shoemaking scene.

Yohei Fukuda @yoheifukudashoemaker

Yohei Fukuda

Yohei Fukuda is considered by many to be the best Japanese bespoke shoemaker. Japanese shoemaking is highly precise, perfectly executed, and almost sculpture-like. The photography on the page is stunning, and offers a great juxtaposition to traditional British shoemakers.

Daniel Wegan @dwegan1982

Daniel Wegan

Daniel is the senior last maker for Gaziano & Girling, and is known for being widely talented and an excellent shoemaker . This profile is another great example of how Instagram allows users to periscope into small workshops all around the world.

Lee Morrison @bespokeaddict

Lee Morrison

Lee is a prolific collector of vintage bespoke shoes. His collection is easily one of the largest bespoke shoe collections anyone has ever acquired in the world. His profile shows him painstakingly re-crafting and restoring the shoes in his collection.

Moti Pesso @mpesso1971


This account does a wonderful job aggregating photos from different shoemakers’ profiles onto one account. This profile profile features both bespoke, and ready-to-wear shoemakers’ work, which gives followers plenty of variety.

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