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How to Shine Patent Leather Shoes

Every gentleman who is preparing for a black tie event should know how to shine patent leather shoes. Patent leather shoes are elegant, formal, and durable. The glossy surface found on the leather makes the shoe ideal to wear in formal black tie events. The coated surface also affects the process for caring for the shoes; Due to the nature of the patent leather’s glossy surface, there is not much you can do to care for these shoes beyond cleaning them. Follow these 5 simple steps to learn how to shine patent leather shoes:

1. Clean the Shoes

Step 1: Clean The Shoes

Use a cotton chamois to wipe the shoe. This will remove any dirt from the surface and prepare the shoes for the next step.

2. Apply Saphir Vernis Patent Leather Cleaner

Step 2: Apply Saphir Vernis Patent Leather Cleaner

Apply Saphir Vernis Patent Leather Cleaner to the shoe. The Saphir Patent Leather Cleaner comes in two colors: black and neutral. Since these shoes are black, we will go with that color. The patent leather cleaner may cause staining, so make sure you are working on a protected surface. Mix the solution by shaking the bottle and apply a generous amount to the chamois. Then use the chamois to rub the cleaner onto the outside surface of the shoe. Don’t worry about using too much, since any excess amount of cleaner will be buffed off later. Unlike traditional leather polishes which are absorbed by the leather, this cleaner will only treat the surface. The glossy layer on the surface completely seals and protects the leather.

3. Allow the Shoes to Dry

Step 3: Allow the Shoes to Dry

Allow the shoes to dry for 3 to 5 minutes after applying the cleaner. You will know the cleaner is dry when it has gone from clear to foggy.

4. Buff Off the Patent Leather Cleaner

Step 4: Buff Off the Patent Leather Cleaner

After allowing the cleaner to dry, select a clean portion of the same chamois you used to apply the leather cleaner and use it to buff the cleaner off the shoes. As you are rubbing your shoes, you will see the shine begin to develop. After this step is completed you will be able to located any areas with spotting or that need further work.

5. (Optional) Remove Spotting

Step 5: (Optional) Remove Spotting

Gently use your chamois and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to work on any spots that still need cleaning. While doing this, be sure to use gentle strokes to avoid damaging the glossy layer. Keep in mind that this will remove the cleaner from that spot as well, so be sure to reapply the cleaner afterward.