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Best Clothes Hangers

When it comes to hangers, one size does not fit all. A cheap hanger can dramatically take away from a custom suit by damaging the look and fit. A finely tailored garment deserves a high-quality hanger that protects and extends the life of your luxury suit. Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, created a collection of clothes hangers, designed exclusively for the end consumer. His work and close collaboration with bespoke tailors and clothing aficionados resulted in a contoured hanger that prolongs the life of fine clothing by taking care of it on the hanger.

Clothing really lives and dies on the hanger because that is where it spends the majority of its time. Improper clothing care with is shoulder mountains, distorted collars and stretching. In result of this, your garment becomes deformed because of the improperly fitted hanger.

That is why here at The Hanger Project, we offer our hangers in up to four sizes. We know how critical it is for your hangers to fit properly.  We also craft each luxury hanger in three different finishes. These finishes are: The Traditional Finish, which uses birch wood with a nice cherry wood finish and brass hardware; The Natural Finish, crafted from furniture quality maple wood with chrome hardware; and lastly, the Alfred Finish with satin, chrome hardware, and black shoulder flocking. Over the last ten years, The Hanger Project has developed one of the most comprehensive and cohesive collections of luxury garment hangers that ever existed. These highly unique and specific hangers from The Hanger Project will not only last you the rest of your life but keep your garments looking as good as the day you hung them up.


Best Clothes Hangers

Trouser Hangers

This trouser hanger was designed specifically to solve the problem of creased trousers that occurs from locking trouser bars. Our Felted Trouser Bar Hanger is made with a felted, trouser bar that allows the trousers to gently drape over with no added pressure to eliminate unwanted creasing. The friction of the felt and the actual fabric of the trouser itself works together incredibly to grip the fabric and prevent the garment from sliding off the hanger. The strategic design of The Hanger Project felted trouser bar hanger prevents embarrassing creasing across the mid-thigh that typical locking trouser bar hangers give. This hanger is available in three different finishes: a beautiful, high-gloss brown finish, a natural finish made of high-quality Maplewood, and lastly our Alfred finish, which is a European beech wood.

Suit and Jacket Hangers

The Suit and Jacket Hanger provides optimum support to the shoulders and keeps them looking natural. Our 2.5-inch shoulder flares are designed to guarantee an ideal fit and give your garment the essential support it needs to hang well in the closet. Our luxury wooden suit and jacket hangers are available in four sizes to give you the most customizable fit. You are able to perfectly tailor the width of the hanger to match the garment. Properly fitted hangers extend all the way to the end of the shoulder without going into the sleeve itself. The Hanger Project suit and jacket hangers mimic the natural stance of your body with their contour. This retain the jacket’s form and prevents stretching of the collar.

Shirt and Sweater Hangers

Eliminate shoulder dimples and unwanted shoulder puckering with a custom fit Shirt and Sweater hanger designed specifically for soft-knit garments, polos, and golf shirts. The shoulder flocking helps to grip and control knits to help maintain its shape. These hangers are available in three beautiful different finishes.

Accessory Hangers

The accessory hangers make it easy to organize ties, belts, and scarfs that fit effortlessly inside anyone’s closet and conserves space. These hangers come ready-made and are constructed from high-quality Maplewood with an elegant finish.  Every hanger is compact and strategically designed to fit your organizational needs.

Women’s Suit and Jacket Hangers (Profile A)

The women’s hanger collection is divided into three fundamental profiles. These are based on the amount of support the hangers provide the garment’s shoulder. Our Profile A hangers feature a 1 and 3/4 inch shoulder flare and a really deep contour. This hanger is specifically for garments with lots of structure in the shoulder or that are heavy. Hanger that lack structure may cause stretching at the shoulder. For that reason, blazers, jackets or heavy coats call for hangers with strong shoulder support. This hanger is available with no attached hardware, a felted trouser bar or delicate clips.

Sweater and Blouse Hangers (Profile B)

Here at the Hanger project, we understand that closet space is a primary concern for many women, which is why we developed our Profile B hanger. It still offers that contoured profile and shoulder support but is more efficient in its use of closet space. Any garment that requires support, but not opulent support will flourish on the Profile B hanger. This hanger again is available in three types of hardware configurations.

Skinny Profile Hangers (Profile C)

The Profile C hangers use a 0.4-inch thickness, which is as skinny as you can make a wooden hanger, allowing you to fit as many garments as possible in your closet while still providing proper support. Again, this hanger is available with a felted trouser bar for trousers, delicate clips for skirts and bottoms and no hardware to use just a top hanger.

Just like men’s hangers, all the hangers in the women’s Runway Collection are available in multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit. We have the petite, 15-inch hanger and a standard, 17-inch hanger for varying body types. This allows you to tailor the width of your hanger so that it extends all the way to the shoulder without over extending into the sleeve. Lastly, our Runway Collection is also available in three different finishes. We have Traditional Finish (birchwood with a cherry wood finish), Natural Finish (maplewood), and Alfred Finish (satin) hangers.

 Watch our video on luxury wooden hangers here.