Shoe Care

Which Shoe Shine Brush Do I Need?

Here at The Hanger Project, we offer one of the widest selections of shoe shine brushes in the world. Because there are so many options, it may be difficult to choose which brush is right for you. We offer all of our brushes in a light and dark bristle so that you can purchase one to polish your black and dark brown shoes, and one for your nude or tan shoes. These brushes are not to be used for applying the polish, rather for buffing the polish off to increase the shine. To apply polish, we recommend using a dauber or cotton chamois. For some general guidance, there are two main types of brushes: brushes for buffing and brushes for finishing.

Shoe Polishing Brushes For Buffing

Horse Hair Brush

The horse hair brush is the primary brush you’re going to use to shine your shoes. After you’ve applied the polish, you’re going to use this as a buffing brush to essentially buff off the polish to produce that nice, soft shine. Every shoeshine kit needs a horse hair shoeshine brush. This is going to be the brush you’re using 90% of the time. Because all shoe shine brushes at The Hanger Project are made of 100% tail hair, you’re going to get substantially less shedding than you would with an ordinary brush that you’d buy at the store.  We carry two sizes here at The Hanger Project, the larger shoemaker dimension, which is just a larger handle with a longer bristle, or the medium horse hair brush, which is still the same level of bristle density, but a smaller handle and a smaller cut length on the bristle.

Pig Bristle Brush

Another important shoe shine brush to own is a pig bristle brush.  It’s used to get polish off of the shoe more so than buffing a shine. Especially if you have a pebble grain or more textured shoe that’s prone to accumulating a polish, this pig bristle brush is going to do a better job actually getting into that grain to remove it.


Shoe Polishing Brushes For Finishing


Goat Hair Brush

There are two finishing brushes that we offer here at The Hanger Project. The first one is the goat hair brush, which has a luxuriously soft bristle. The purpose of the goat hair brush is mainly for dusting your shoes at the end or start of the day. It’s exceptionally soft bristle is firm enough to remove dirt, yet delicate enough to not jeopardize the texture of your shine. The process of dusting one’s shoes with this beautiful brush is as relaxing and therapeutic for the user as it is effective at cleaning dust from the shoes and adding a little extra shine.

Yak Hair Brush

The last brush of our recommended shoe shine collection is the yak hair brush; best used for a final dust off after a shine. This brush is easily the rarest shoe shine brush in the world. The Hanger Project is one of just a few companies in the world that is able to source these brushes. The yak hair brush is an incredibly soft, yet dense bristle that is totally unique in the world. To make these brushes even rarer, they can only be made by hand.