Garment Care Hangers

Luxury Hangers

A mismatch collection of wire and plastic hangers can make a closet look unappealing; and since your closet is one of the first things you see in the morning, this could add negative vibes early in the day. Upgrading to luxury hangers can help make your closet more visually appealing while adding uniformity.

Men’s Luxury Hangers

Our collection of Luxury Hangers for Men includes suit hangers, shirt hangers, sweater hangers, and trouser hangers. This means we have every single garment in your wardrobe covered with a hanger that was designed specifically for that piece to both protect and extend its lifetime. One size doesn’t fit all whenever it comes to your clothing; the same should be true whenever it comes to your hangers. By offering up to four different sizes we allow you to properly size the hanger to extend all the way to the shoulder. But more importantly, not past the shoulder sleeve.

Women’s Luxury Hangers

Our new Luxury Hangers for Women are also made in four different wood finishes, three profiles, and many options of different hardware and clips. They feature felted and notched shoulders that gently grip the garments to prevent stretching or slipping off to the ground. They also have a locking ring hook embedded that ensures the hook will never unscrew, which guarantees a lifetime of use. These beautiful real wooden hangers make a closet look as elegant as your wardrobe.


Choose Your Finish

All of our Luxury Hangers are available in the following wood, stain, and hardware options:

Luxury hangers - wood finishes

  • The Traditional Finish is constructed from solid birch with a high-gloss finish, brown flocking and brass hardware.
  • The Natural Maplewood Finish is constructed from USA maple wood with a satin finish, black flocking and chrome hardware. The Maplewood features a beautiful wood grain with deep marbling.
  • Alfred Finish is constructed from European beech wood using a sating finish, black flocking and chrome hardware. Beechwood is slightly heavier in weight and specking.