Garment Care Hangers

All New: Luxury Women’s Hangers

Wooden Hangers for Women’s Closets

We’ve sold unique hangers for over a decade for the well-dressed to take proper care of their wardrobe. We specialize in custom-fit hangers for quality suits and jackets to keep their shape, and now, we offer the same for women’s closets. They are available in three different wood finishes, and several shapes and styles to re-organize your wardrobe and increase the lifetime of your wardrobe. Your closet is a sacred place; it’s either a palace of beautifully organized, color-coordinated clothing, or a dungeon of clothes piled on shelves and sagging off hangers onto the floor. If you’re the type to appreciate and care for your wardrobe, then invest in some quality, wooden hangers from The Hanger Project. 

The Traditional Finish

We offer all of our women’s hangers in the traditional finish. Whether you want a suit and jacket hanger, or a blouse and dress hanger, you can get them all in this beautiful birchwood produced in Russia.

The Alfred Finish

The Alfred is one of our newest finishes, so we currently offer it in four different styles ranging from dress hangers to trouser bars. This finish is a striking dark mahogany color that will enhance the aesthetics of any closet.

The Maple/Natural Finish

And finally, we have our natural finish available in a maplewood. This finish has a lovely, three-dimensional wood grain, and is especially unique because it is usually reserved for furniture rather than hangers.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

This is not only true for clothing, but highly important for the hangers that support your clothing day after day. Properly sized hangers prevent stretching out shoulders in jackets or dimpling in the sleeves of blouses or dresses. There’s nothing worse than looking in someone’s closet to find all their clothes barley clinging on to flimsy wire hangers, or sleeves falling off slippery plastic ones. To find the perfect, custom hanger for your wardrobe, refer to our Sizing Guide.