Garment Care

How to Protect Your Garments from Dust and Moths

Don’t let dust and unwanted moths take up residence in your nice clothing; protecting your garments is easy when you have the right products. At the Hanger Project, our shoulder dust covers, trouser covers, and garment bags are constructed from a light-weight, high-quality twill fabric and is designed to prevent dust from accumulating on your clothing, all while preventing moths from feasting on your precious dress clothes.

Don’t trust plastic garment covers or plastic bags to prevent moths, mold, and dust from ruining your clothing. Plastic covers and bags do not allow for air to ventilate into your clothing, oftentimes trapping moisture which can lead to mold. You don’t want your expensive clothing to feel damp or smell musty- you want them to keep their condition looking like it did when you first purchased it.

Protect your sweaters and un-hangable clothing in our linen-lined sweater box. The Hanger Project Sweater Box is perfect for storing any garments that can be folded- not just sweaters. These sturdy boxes offer maximum protection from pesky moths and keep dust from accumulating on your valuables. Not only is the deep green satin linen-embossed paper, pleasing to the eye, it comes with a label card holder so you’ll always know what you’ve stored.

Normally, it’s hard to know if clothes moths have made a buffet of your clothes until they’re already ruined. Consider investing in Professional Clothes Moth Traps to put in your garment bag and storage boxes; the moth traps release pheromones that work to attract moths, trapping them. 


Preservation of your expensive, high-quality clothing starts with how you’re storing them. Shop Here>>