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3 Reasons You Need Shoe Trees

We all know how expensive quality dress shoes can be. But, as is true of almost anything else you purchase, focusing on quality when you’re buying a new pair of shoes will pay off in the long run—especially if they are cared for properly. That’s where shoe trees come in. While some men wonder whether spending a little more money for these wooden inserts really makes sense, men in the know realize that shoe trees are absolutely critical to keeping shoes in amazing shape as they age.

shoe trees

Shoe trees are available in either plastic or wood (usually cedar). However, though plastic shoe tress are less expensive and are lighter (which makes them better for traveling), wooden trees have many more advantages. There are at least three reasons why investing in wooden shoes trees is a wise move.

1. They Maintain Your Shoes Proper Size and Shape

Ideally, damp leather needs to have some underlying structure supporting it as it dries in order to maintain its original shape.  When you wear a leather shoe, your foot invariably sweats and that produces heat and humidity inside the shoe.  Putting wooden shoe trees in your shoes at the end of the day does three things.  First, it wicks away accumulated moisture.  Second, by providing some structure inside the shoe, the leather is prevented from shrinking and causing the shoes to feel just a bit ‘tight’ when you wear them the next time.  And third, the shape of the wooden shoe tree helps smooth out any creases or wrinkles that have developed over the vamp of the shoe and might result in the leather cracking.

2. They Prevent Moisture Buildup & Fight Odors

Shoes typically need at least 24 hours to dry out between wearings in order to do the best job possible in terms of wicking away moisture and preventing odor.  And, ideally, shoe trees should be inserted within the first hour after you take them off at the end of the day.  If you rotate between a few pairs of nice shoes, then we suggest you only need one or two shoe trees to keep in your most recently worn pair of shoes to make sure that, while one of the pairs is your feet, the second pair is recovering and being restored back to its original condition.

3. They Make Your Shoe Polishing Process Easier

Shoe trees are also useful when polishing or buffing by acting as an extra pair of hands. When you insert a shoe tree into the shoe you’re polishing, the shoe will be held in shape, which makes the process a lot easier.

The measure of a man can be told by his shoes. If you’re going to purchase durable, comfortable and stylish dress shoes—which range anywhere from $300 and up—then you’ll need the right products to make those expensive leather shoes last longer. At The Hanger Project, we are dedicated to not only providing you with the highest quality clothing and accessories, but also the best preventative maintenance techniques and products for your clothes and shoes.

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