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It is with great excitement that we finally relaunch the A Suitable Wardrobe blog.  Like many of you, my sartorial education began with Will’s posts on classic menswear.  For many of us, he provided our first glimpse into the world of bespoke tailoring, taught us what was proper, and schooled us on the rules of classic menswear.  It is important to remember that back in 2006 when Will began the blog, what he was doing was truly cutting-edge.  A Suitable Wardrobe was literally the first internet blog of its kind, publishing long before doing so became common.

The A Suitable Wardrobe archive—almost 1,800 posts—is quite possibly the most significant body of classic menswear blogging material in the world, and republishing it in its entirety was the cornerstone of my decision to purchase ASW from Will.

However, stopping at merely republishing these articles would not fully honor them.  So, together with a team of contributors, we will also publish original content that is true to the original ethos of ASW.

And so we are happy to offer you the first of several batch releases of the ASW archives. Today you will find under the “Archive” section all posts thru April 2008, unedited and in their original form.

You will also find some new content from our team of contributors: myself, Fred Schlatter, and JG Medlock.

The one thing that all of our contributors have in common is that they are first and foremost distinguished gentlemen whose love for classic menswear drove their pursuit of the best long before they ever thought to write about it.  They are not “internet bloggers,” and, I can assure you, not doing this for free clothing.

Fred Schlatter is a food industry consultant and former business owner living in Chicago.  He has always been an aesthete, with particular interests in food and clothes.  We were introduced through our mutual tailor, Chris Despos.  Fred had been a client for years, and Chris was aware of Fred’s appreciation of A Suitable Wardrobe and interest in writing.  He’s a natural fit.

JG Medlock is a personal friend and mentor.  Medlock spent much of his adult career doing business in the private social clubs of London.  It was there that he learned about Savile Row tailoring and the nuances of the archetypal English gentlemen. 

And, of course, Will will continue to contribute.  Without the demands of operating A Suitable Wardrobe, he will be able to return to what he enjoyed most: writing.

If you have any hopes for the blog, suggestions, or requests, please do share them through the Contact Us section.  Otherwise, happy reading!



Photo: Steven J. Collins

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