The Hanger Project in Wall Street Journal

The Hanger Project was featured in a Wall Street Journal article detailing why to use Luxury Hangers and why they are becoming so popular. Kirby was quoted on how cheap hangers don’t provide support and create unwanted puckering—or “Shoulder Mountains”—on the shoulders.

Cheap Hangers are either too narrow so the shoulder is falling off the end of the hanger or is too large,” says Kirby Allison.

The article starts out describing the rise of luxury goods and their proliferation in the market to provide for the demand in luxury garment care. We agree that there is a now a movement of people who are upgrading their current lifestyle through making everyday activities more extraordinary. The article also brings to light the subtleties that make all the difference in preserving fine garments, like our luxury hanger’s wide shoulder support to prevent clothing distress and damage.

Read the full article below:

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