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Shoe Shine Sunday: Saint Crispin’s 506

I’m excited to announce that Shoe Shine Sunday is back on a weekly basis! Today I’m getting a pair Saint Crispin’s 506 ready for a special event. Join me by posting before and after photos here of your own polish job today! Without further ado, let’s get to it…
The “damage”

Today’s set up includes…
Saphir MDO Leather Lotion
Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Polish in neutral and black
Saphir Chamois Cloth
Edoya Hakubake and Goat Hair Brushes
Saphir Welt Brush
Water/Solvent Dispenser
Cotton Pads

I began as usual by wiping the shoes down with a damp cloth and followed up with a brushing using the Edoya Hakubake brush. I then lightly applied Saphir MDO Leather Lotion all over with a Saphir Chamois Cloth, to gently clean and condition the uppers and sole edges.


I let the lotion sit and dry for about 15-20 minutes and, while it dried, I used a small Saphir Welt Brush to apply neutral Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Polish to the welt, sole edges, and heel. The sole edges were in good shape, so I didn’t need to use an edging tool to seal up the sole edges. As usual, I then brushed the shoes, heel and sole edges first with the Edoya Hakubake brush and then again with the Edoya finishing brush.

After Hakbuake

After Finishing

Then it was on to wax polish, starting with two thin applications all over the shoes using a Saphir Chamois Cloth and each application was followed by a brushing with both brushes after the application dried. Once two applications of wax were on the shoes, I alternated additional applications of black and neutral Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Polish, particularly on the toe, apron and heel counter of each shoe, as I wanted to bring most of this pair back up to a mirror shine. I used cotton pads and a 60/40 mixture of water/alcohol from the Water/Solvent Dispenser to help apply and work the Saphir Pate de Luxe Wax Polish into the uppers.

After the initial wax applications

Halfway through the alternating applications

Once I was happy with the overall condition of the uppers, I gave the shoes one last brushing with the Edoya finishing brush and then evened everything out with a slightly damp dry cotton pad.



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