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Simon Crompton’s New Book: The Finest Menswear in the World

The renowned UK journalist Simon Crompton has just released his new book The Finest Menswear in the World. This book offers analysis on the craftsmanship involved in fine menswear and fine accoutrements. Not only does this book include in-depth features on great artisans, it includes beautiful photography as well. The Hanger Project is excited to offer Simon Crompton’s book for pre-order.


Published by Thames & Hudson September 2015, the hardcover, coffee-table book profiles the raft that lies behind the finest makers of different items of menswear. With over 200-odd pages, the book is full of beautiful imagery from Andy Barnham and some rather in-depth writing from Simon Crompton.

Each of the 14 chapters runs through the aspects of an item of menswear that make it perhaps the finest in the world. So it explains the benefits in cut of a bespoke suit; then the benefits in make of a bespoke suit; it explains how styles vary between houses; and then that Cifonelli has all of those, plus perhaps the finest finishing and greatest creativity.





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