Elephant Shoe Leather: Customer’s Question

As always at the Hanger Project, we are available to answer any and all questions to assist our customers. Recently we got a great question regarding the care of Elephant leather shoes. We have never before considered how to take care of this rare leather but we found a good solution because after all they are still a form of leather that can be treated by the Saphir line of products. Here is the email exchange we sent back to Richard:

Richard –

I heard back from Avel today and they said that, officially, they have never tested elephant in the laboratory. They said that Nappa seems to be more “riskfree” than the renovateur. Nappa does not contain any waxes, but jojoba oil + wheat protein : it will nourish the leather but should not affect the color.
However, based on your photographs and what I know of elephant, I personally think you’d be safe to use any of the normal calfskin products. Without question, normal cream polishes were used by J. Weston at the factory to finish these shoes, and I do not think you would have any problem with them.
I’d probably recommend the Nappa Leather Balm for conditioning and the Saphir Pommadier Cream Polishes if you need any pigment and for wax. Alternatively, you could use the Saphir Renovateur for conditioning, which does contain waxes. If you went this route, you wouldn’t need to use the Pommadier Cream unless you needed color.

Hope this helps!

Richard decided to use the Nappa Leather Balm to see how they conditioned his great shoes. Here are some photos of the shoes before and after being conditioned. You’ll notice the great texture of this unique leather.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender


Elephant Leather - After polishing-1 Elephant Leather - After polishing-2

As always keep the questions coming. We love to help!

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