How to Clean a Leather Purse with Saphir Creme Delicate Conditioning Cream

Purse Cleaning with Saphir Crème Delicate

Purses and Briefcases aren’t as commonly thought of when it comes to polishing, but expensive
accessories that are used so often shouldn’t be ignored. Routine maintenance can keep luxury bags from
looking scuffed up and unprofessional.
This week we tested our Saphir Crème Delicate Conditioner on our intern’s leather Rebecca Minkoff
handbag to remove some stains from the bottom panel. These stains are good examples of general wear-
and-tear spots that could be removed off of any of your leather accessories. The same polish is used by
Hermes to treat their luxury handbags. We will be using the Saphir Crème Delicate, the included chamois
and the LCA Round Dauber.
First, dip the round dauber in the crème delicate and scrape the brush along the edge of the container to
remove excess. After only a small amount is left on the brush, apply lightly to the stained area in small
strokes. Initially, the product will highlight the stain, but after more of the product is applied the area will
turn one uniform color. Allow the product to soak into the leather for 1-2 minutes. By allowing the crème
to soak in, you are allowing time for the nutrients to soak into the leather and grab hold of the stain.
What you don’t want to do is let the cleaner sit for too long and dry completely, if you do this, just apply
a little more crème delicate and wait less time before completing the following step.
Next, use the chamois to lightly rub the stained area to remove the crème delicate. Not only will the
product come off, the stain will come along with it. Do not panic if the color does not immediately return
to normal after the chamois is used! The leather has to take some time to dry, even after the product is
rubbed off of it.

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