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NEW Palatino 920L Super-Fine Dress Socks

Luxury Cotton Socks

The latest addition to our collection of luxury socks are the super-fine Palatino 920L Cotton Dress Sock. These socks are literally knitted to the highest specification in every way possible for what is probably the most comfortable cotton sock in the world.

They are a natural evolution to our 830 Cotton Socks. Instead of being knitted on a 240-needle machine, these 920L Super-Fine Socks are knitted on 260-needle machines for the highest-possible thread count. The result is an incredibly thin, super soft and comfortable cotton sock.

These socks feature an added 1×1 “Gambaletto” Rib at the top to make the socks stretch even more easily over your calves. Think of an accordion — the 1×1 rib stretches more than the 8×2 rib on the rest of the sock.

Available in seven sizes and six colors.

Free shipping on orders over $50.

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