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Accessorize Your Shoes with Colored Shoelaces

My daily uniform is a pair of nice raw denim jeans, a button-up custom dress shirt, and a nice pair of leather dress shoes. Because I work for myself, I only wear my suits when traveling for business or attending some type of formal social function. Because I love dressing well, though, I still look for opportunities to accessorize what is otherwise a pretty simple outfit.

First, I love brightly-colored dress socks. They are a very simple, subtle yet smart way to accessorize your casual look. When wearing jeans, I am almost always sporting a pair of colored socks.

However, you can also further accessorize your wardrobe with a pair of colored shoe laces. In less than five minutes, you can completely switch out the shoelaces on any pair of dress shoe. The above pair of black Alfred Sargent shoes are my favorite pair of classic dress shoes. I wear them all the time both with jeans and my suits. However, as the above picture illustrates, switching out the black laces with a purple pair completely changes the look. I have never not had someone compliment them.

We are now carrying an entire collection of fancy colored shoe laces. Available in thirteen colors, there is a pair to match basically every pallet in your wardrobe. Try them out. And let me know what people say!

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