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Deumer Sterling Silver Collar Stay Set

Sterling Silver Collar Stays

Cheap metal collar stays are worse for your shirts than plastic ones. The reason is that these type of collar stays are normally die-cut from a sheet of metal. The resulting edges are sharp and easily cut or puncture through the end of the collar stay sleeve, thereby ruining a shirt.

That is why a pair of Sterling Silver Collar Stays make such an incredible gift. This pair crated by Deumer in Germany, the same company that makes all of the insignias for Porsche, are hand crafted and polished. The resulting collar stay is a beautiful sterling silver collar stay that is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing. They come as a set of two, one set 2.15″ and the second 2.50″.

At $250 a set, they are certainly excessive. But that is what is special about a pair of sterling silver collar stays. Not necessarily something one would purchase for themselves, they make an excellent gift. And there is just something special about knowing that you are using incredible collar stays crafted from sterling silver while most everyone else working around you is using plastic. Call me an elitist!

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