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What to do when closet space is tight

Not all closets are created equal. To fully protect and support one’s prized suit while hanging in the closet, support is KING. The more support your clothes hangers provide your garments, the less likely they are to distort or damage while hanging. You see, a garment’s worst enemy is gravity. It is the weight of the hanger, when pulled down by gravity, that causes annoying shoulder puckering and distorted collars. When the weight of the suit, or any garment for that matter, is distributed over a small area, this occurs. However, a true Luxury Garment Hanger provides maximum support to the garment — both in hanger girth (like our 2.5″ shoulder flare) and width (we offer four sizes).

However, luxury clothes hangers by design consume more room than cheap hangers. So, what do you do while traveling or, say, you live in New York City where you have a tiny closet? As much as one might want to hang all of their Brioni suits on our Luxury Suit Hanger, the physical constraints of their closet just wouldn’t allow it.

This is where our Luxury Travel Hanger comes in. Really, I could have called this our New Yorker Hanger. Nothing about the hanger is specific to travel except for the hook, which is angled to make it easier to carry with one’s hand. However, this one characteristic makes no difference in the closet. The hook works totally normally when hung in the closet.

What distinguishes our Luxury Travel Hanger from more ordinary hangers are a few characteristics. First, we manufacture the hanger as thick as possible without compromising it’s capacity to fit into small places. Whereas normal hangers similar in style are 1/2″ thick, we increased the thickness of our hanger by 50% to 3/4″. Second, our Luxury Travel Hanger features a felted trouser bar, which prevents creasing and does a better job securing trousers during travel than a locking bar. And, third, our Luxury Travel Hanger is available in four widths to guarantee a perfect, tailored fit.

So, if closet space is at a premium, try our our Luxury Travel Hanger!


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