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Which Saphir Shoe Polish Color is Right for You?

Saphir has over 13 different colors when you combine the Saphir Cream Polish colors and the Saphir Wax Polish colors. Of these 13 colors, there are six different shades of Brown and several very close cousins (Bordeaux, Mahogany, Hermes Red). And the Saphir Cream Polishes can be mixed together to create an infinite number of possible finishes. So, which Saphir shoe polish color is perfect for your favorite pair of new shoes? Hard to say.


We provide color swatches on all of our product listings, but sometimes it is difficult to reproduce the actual color of a shoe polish on the computer screen. The Bordeaux #8, for example, actually contains much more purple than what the color swatch shows. You can purchase the Saphir Nuancier Color Card, but this lists every color that Saphir has ever produced (aka. many more colors than the 14 offered in the Saphir Medaille d’Or line) and can be a little overwhelming.

When trying to match a difficult color, I recommend buying two different polishes that you think are close and then testing them on a piece of paper. Polishing your shoes is more an Art than a Science, so an exact match is not required. Perhaps you want a shade that is slightly darker so that you can work a little antiquing into your shoes. Or perhaps you want to retain the natural patina of your leather so you choose a shoe polish that is lighter than the original finish. Or perhaps you even use a neutral, like the Saphir Renovatuer, that does not contain any pigment.

The best way to test a shoe polish out before applying it to your shoe is to use a piece of white paper. This test is actually quite educational (as illustrated in my Shoe Polish Comparison post back in March). The below pallet shoes the different shoe polishes I was experimenting with to write the Allen Edmonds Shoe Polish Colors post. This is where I really discovered the departure of some of the polish colors from the swatches provided by Saphir (especially with the Bordeaux!). So, before you test your shoe polish on your shoes, try testing it on a piece of paper first!

Saphir Shoe Polish Colors

Below is a list of all of the Saphir Shoe Polish colors in the Medaille d’Or line. The Wax Polishes marked with an * are available in a 50 ml format.

Saphir Cream Polishes Saphir Wax Polishes
Black #01


Black #01*


Neutral #02 Neutral #02*
Light Brown #03


Light Brown #03*
Medium Brown #37  Medium brown polish on white paper Medium Brown #37


Dark Brown #05  Dark Brown wax polish on white paper Dark Brown #05
Tobacco brown wax polish on white paper Tobacco #34


Mahogany #09 Burgundy wax polish on white paper Mahogany #09


Grey #14


Cognac #10  Cognac wax polish on white paper Cognac #10


Marine Blue #06 Marine Blue wax polish on white paper Marine Blue #06


Dark Green #20 Dark green wax polish on white paper Dark Green #20


Tan wax polish on white paper Tan #19


 Bordeaux wax polish on white paper  Bordeaux #08


Hermes Red #12  

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