How to Clean a Leather Wallet

My wife recently asked me if I could clean one of her Versace Leather Wallets which had become dirty from some use. The Saphir Leather Lotion Medaille d’Or is a great general-purpose leather cleaner and conditioner and is appropriate for all leather goods. Basically a diluted-down version of the very-popular Saphir Renovateur, the Leather Lotion can be used to perform a gentle cleaning and thorough conditioning of any leather accessory. The solvents in the Renovateur will gently clean the leather while the nutrients will keep it soft and supple.

In the below image, you can see water stains on the back of the wallet.


Step 1: Using a chamois to cotton t-shirt, massage the Saphir Leather Lotion into the wallet using small circular motions.

Step 2: Allow the Saphir Leather Lotion to dry.

Step 3: Buff off the Saphir Leather Lotion using either a horsehair brush or dauber or a soft cotton cloth.

After only about five minutes, the wallet is fully-restored back to it’s original codition. See the below picture taken afterwards.

Notes: If the wallet is particularly soiled or has any stains, use the Saphir Reno’Mat first to remove these stains. If after using the Saphir Leather Lotion there is still some discoloration, use a Saphir Cream Polish in a matching color to restore the finish. If you cannot find a similar color in the Saphir Medaille d’Or collection, look in the Saphir Beauty Cuir, which has a much wider array of colors.

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