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Saphir Renovateur Cleaner Customer Review

Saphir RenovatuerSaphir Renovateur Medaille d’Or continues to be one of our best selling Saphir Shoe Polish products. Probably Saphir’s most unique product, Renovateur is a mink-oil based (mild) cleaner and conditioner that is like “liquid gold” for leathers. It penetrates deep into the leather to deliver essential nourishment while cleaning the leather pores. This keeps leather soft, supple and, most importantly, prevents cracking that occurs when leather becomes dry and its pours clogged with embedded polish and dirt.

We recommend using Saphir Renovateur as a the base of any polish. However, this versatile product can also be used completely by itself should pigmentation not be required. The wax content of the Renovateur MDO can easily produce a soft patina that many like. And the absence of pigment keeps the polishing simple should the color of one’s shoes be fine. (If your shoes are scuffed or if the color needs to be renewed, then follow the Renovateur with Saphir Cream Polish.)

For more information about Saphir’s “liquid gold,” read our Shoe Care Guide on How to Use Saphir Renovateur.

However, the reason I’m writing this post is to share an e-mail I recently received from a customer who used Saphir Renovateur MDO for the first time.

I just wanted to write and express how pleased I am with the Saphir products. I’ve had a favorite pair of leather loafers for the last 7 years and I was about to give up on them and buy new ones (an expensive proposition).

As a last resort, I ordered the Renovateur and Burgundy creme polish thinking maybe it could help. When I applied the Renovateur and let it sit for a few minutes, I nearly fell out of my chair. The leather became clean, supple, and renewed within seconds. The creme polish only enhanced the effect and restored the correct color to the leather. The shoes took their best shine in years and now look fantastic.

The products paid for themselves because I feel confident I can get several more years of service from my favorite pair of shoes. Thanks for drawing my attention to these fine products. I feel I have taken another step up in my gentleman’s lifestyle.


The reality is that the quality difference between ordinary, readily-available shoe polishes and Saphir Medaille d’Or is not even worthy of comparison. The absolute commitment to quality with the Saphir Medaille d’Or collection is just unheard of within the shoe polish industry. If you have invested in high quality leather shoes, then a complimentary investment in high-quality shoe polish will ensure that they continue to pay dividends for decades to come.

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