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Men’s Valet Focus Group

After the persistent suggestion of many customers, I have begun work on the design of an all-new men’s dressing valet. It has taken me several years to get to this point. Primarily because I have always been unimpressed with what is currently on the market and because I did not have the proper help. However, I have decided to take the lunge and have contracted with furniture designer to help with the project. However, I still need your feedback in order to make sure that this is incredible!

If you would like to participate in my focus group, your help would be greatly appreciated. For your participation, you will receive a 25% discount on our first production batch. These will all be handcrafted here in Dallas, Texas, by one of the most respected custom furniture crafters. By participating in the focus group, you will also have the opportunity to customize your valet with your choice of wood and finish.

A few questions need to be answered

Which of the following items need to be included: shelf, drawers, shoe rack, change trays? What type of accessory drawers need to be designed into the valet to ensure that it is versatile and can accommodate everything one would need while getting ready in the morning.

Should the valet include a seat (like the one pictured) so one can sit while putting on or taking off his shoes?

What else would you include?

What price would be appropriate for a piece made here in the United States from the finest materials? $800? $1,200?

I am hoping to be able to present a first sketch within the next few days to present to the focus group. Once we begin to receive feedback, we will iterate until we achieve something incredible!

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